ChainIDE now supports Binance Smart Chain!

ChainIDE now supports Binance Smart Chain!

ChainIDE, WhiteMatrix’s cloud-based Integrated Development Environment will now support the development of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

ChainIDE is the first multi-chain IDE that supports blockchain ecosystems such as Facebook Diem, Ethereum, AntFinancial OpenChain, FiscoBcos, Hyperledger Fabric, and more. Operational in 100+ countries, ChainIDE has compiled more than 3.5 million contracts and stands as one of the leading cloud-based IDE platforms in the crypto space.

BSC is a sovereign smart contract blockchain delivering Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible programmability. Designed to run in parallel with Binance Chain, BSC provides fast execution times and low transaction fees while adding Smart Contracts functionality to support compatible dApps including DEX, lending/borrowing, derivatives, prediction markets, yield farming, gaming, and NFTs.

The integration of BSC and WhiteMatrix will enable developers, practitioners, and researchers to kickstart their journey in the world of dApps. WhiteMatrix will provide support to smart contract designers for development, testing and deployment on BSC which saves marginal cost, improves efficiency and facilitates cross-chain collaborations.

Check out the interactive GUI of ChainIDE-BSC ​here​!

GUI of ChainIDE-BSC 

“In order to provide more technological inclusion, we’re constantly working towards delivering the best possible environment to the blockchain developer community.” said Wu Xiao, CEO at WhiteMatrix. “BSC and ChainIDE integration is just the start, we’re working on more such developments to help more developers #Buidl.”

Both, Binance and WhiteMatrix are actively involved in spreading blockchain awareness. Binance with its upcoming MasterClass Series plans to equip up to 1000 African blockchain developers with the right tools and skills to build their first DApps. On 31st January 2021, Binance Academy will host the opening ceremony of MasterClass series (developers’ edition) with industry experts and the WhiteMatrix team as speakers. An 8-week program will be followed by the opening event. The program is designed for developers who are looking to build their careers in the blockchain industry. Thought leaders from BSC, ChainIDE, Xend, and Bundle will help out in the preparations. Registrations for the program are open, ​RSVP here​.

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