BUSD & USDT APY Upgrade – Earn Up to 10% APY with Flexible Savings

Fellow Binancians,

Binance has upgraded APY for BUSD and USDT Flexible Savings, allowing users to earn up to 10% APY on BUSD and USDT.The APY of BUSD and USDT Flexible Savings will be adjusted according to the following Tiered APY Structure:

Previous StructureNew Tiered APY Structure(Holding amount, APY)
CurrencyAPYTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
BUSD0.8%0-500 BUSD500 BUSD < Amount ≤ 20,000 BUSD> 20,000 BUSD
USDT1.2%0-2,000 USDT2,000 USDT < Amount ≤ 75,000 USDT> 75,000 USDT

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  • The new Tiered APY Structure goes effective for BUSD and USDT starting from 2022-03-05 00:00 (UTC) for new users who subscribe to and existing users who have subscribed to BUSD and USDT Flexible Savings products.
  • APY is subject to change on a daily basis.
  • Binance Savings will make adjustments to the types of supported assets, interest rates, individual limits and total subscription limits based on market conditions and our internal risk management.
  • Please refer to Binance Terms of Use prior to using any products on the Binance Savings platform.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team