BSC GameFi Expo: 3 new games, $60k in airdrops, and special events

BSC GameFi Expo: 3 new games, $60k in airdrops, and special events

With BSC GameFi behind us, it’s safe to say it was a success. Thousands of you joined us for three days of airdrops and AMAs with BunnyPark, Thetan Arena, Binary X, DeFi Warrior, and Faraland.

You loved it, and we thought that running it with just five games wasn’t fair to all the other great developers. So we will continue to do what you love, and we’re bringing you another three projects as a part of the BSC GameFi Expo.

Join the BSC Metaverse Guide: GameFi and Play2Earn live stream and learn about Radio Caca, ZOO Crypto World, and CryptoBay on October 5 at 12 pm UTC via Binance Live. Your host will be Simran, and the session will be in English.

If you want to join the live stream, you must use Binance Live in Binance App. Click here to learn how to watch live streams in Binance Live.

GameFi Airdrop Frenzy #2! Powered by CoinMarketCap

Grab more than $60,000 worth of tokens from airdrops powered by CoinMarketCap. Over the next 2 days, CoinMarketCap will launch airdrops from Radio Caca, ZOO Crypto World, and CryptoBay. Please note that each airdrop has a different end date, see airdrop page for full details.

Special Events

Radio Caca

Metamon Ultimate Showdown 2021, September 27 – October 27

Win a share of over 30,000 BUSD in a series of Metamon and $RACA giveaways. Click here to learn how to participate.

For more details visit Radio Caca’s website or Twitter.

ZOO – Crypto World

PvP and Art competition, Oct 1-17

ZOO comes with two events. Will you join the battle in Crypto World, face other players, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard to earn rewards. Or is an Art Competition more to your liking?

⚔️ PvP and PvE – Oct 1

Will mark the start of October monthly PvP competition. Users will be able to battle against other players and fight for a place on the leaderboard to earn fantastic rewards. The weekly competition will be starting on October 5th. Players receive three free combats, and then the ‘extra’ are battles after the 3 free. Users will also be able to compete for daily PvP rewards.

ZOO warriors will  be able to compete in the PvE mode. There are two world bosses daily, and the players that perform the highest damage are able to win attractive rewards.

? Art Competition

Join this community art competition and win. ZOO partnered with BiSwap and they’re teaming up to create some NFTs. The competition will run until October 15, and you have a chance to win a $1,000 reward.

Read ZOO’s article to learn all the details.


CryptoBay Leaderboard Event: Season 1, all October

Join the daily arena and rank according to the level of ELO points. The top 100 players will share 200,000 PEARL rewards. Participating in this event is super easy.

Click here for more details.

CryptoBay Leaderboard