BSC Validator Spotlight: BscScan

BSC Validator Spotlight: BscScan

What does it take to become a validator candidate? What was their motivation to become a validator? And what’s their prediction of the BSC future? Keep reading to get unique insights from BscScan, our second interviewed validator candidate.

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What is your core business, and what is your business strategy connected to being a validator?

A. BscScan is a product built by the team behind Etherscan. Our core business has been to build high-performance UX block explorers used by all – be it, regular users, and the projects that have chosen to develop on BSC. Becoming a validator incentivizes us to continue building out BscScan into the best explorer it can possibly be in a sustainable manner.

How do you engage with your community and attract more delegations?

A: We take great care to provide a great user experience for all users of BSC through the simple UX of the BscScan website. Our support team provides free community support to all our users while our Twitter account is used to provide feature updates. We have plans to provide more direct engagement and incentives for delegators – details to come!

How did you discover Binance Smart Chain?

A:We first heard about the Binance Smart Chain through an online posting. I don’t really recall where exactly, but the more we read about it the more we were excited because we felt it was a real solution that addressed real pain points faced by large segments of the community such as high fees. And we wanted to contribute. Today BscScan is one of the first independent community projects built for the BSC ecosystem. We will continue to collaborate with the countless BSC projects in the ecosystem to provide support with displaying both on-chain and off-chain data.

What’s your motivation for becoming a Binance Smart Chain Validator?

A:To better align our goals as a project with the entire ecosystem and ensure we can continue to support and grow it in a sustainable manner.

What benefits do you see in being a validator?

A: We believe our ethos of neutrality and impartiality will help us garner a wide distribution of delegator support from the community. Becoming a validator also cements our long-term position and support towards the BSC ecosystem.

How did you set up your validator infrastructure?

A: We have vast experience in running high-performance blockchain nodes for smart contract blockchains that power both BscScan and Etherscan.

What did you learn from your experience with BSC? What recommendations would you give new validators?

A: BSC has been an exceptional story of growth. We’ve seen BscScan users grow 15x times in 2 months, with more than 5 million monthly visits to BscScan and more than 100 million transactions to-date. Handling that growth was a challenge we relished and we worked hard to ensure both users and developers had a great experience throughout.

As a new validator candidate ourselves, our only advice would be to understand that becoming accepted as a validator is a significant privilege and responsibility. Focus on delivering value to all stakeholders, and value will find its way to come to you.

What do you envision for the BSC Validator community in the future?

A: We expect the validator community to become more decentralized over time. The user experience of delegating will improve, projects with wider user bases will apply and the significance of delegation will become clearer to the average user. More creative incentives to strengthen the bond between validators and delegators will be explored – we are looking forward to playing our part in it!

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