BSC Project Spotlight: BCA Network

BSC Project Spotlight: BCA Network

In the Project Spotlight series, we interview projects developing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Previously, we shared interviews with many projects, including TenderlyBunnyParkMOBOXCovalentFeatured by Binance, and CryptoBlades. Today, it’s BCA Network with their MetaOpus product under the spotlight.

Spotlight on BCA Network

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MetaOpus by BCA Network

What is your core business? Can you expand on your business strategy to those unfamiliar with your project?

BCA Network is the world’s leading art-tech platform that integrates the creation, trading, collection, and culture & education outputs of crypto art.

The crypto ecosystem that BCA intends to build includes the primary business segment, MetaOpus (quality digital collectibles issuer & marketplace), coupled with other business subsidiaries: BCA Studio (crypto art studio) and BCA Gallery (digital curation), BCA Display (screen display) and Vulcan Dao(art fund based on NFT-focused DAO).

As an industry benchmark in the field of NFT, BCA brings together cross-industry expertise to maximize the potential of blockchain technology in the art world and collectively reimagine the future of crypto art. Responding to the modern lifestyle which undergoes reshaping and changing, we offer MetaOpus to Gen Z as a highway to explore metaverse, redefine labor, value and exchange in a whole new dimension, and experience reconstruction of ownership and identity in cyber space.

When was the idea behind BCA Network born, and what led to it?

We believe in the unlimited power of youth, to break the shackles and unleash the potential of human creativity with the help of technology and art. We believe this unique exploration will finally lead to the revolution and emancipation of intellectuality, thus to a better future for all mankind. This is why we invest in outsiders, who are freeing themselves from the artistic norm of the past with the divine bravery which has been shadowed in the physical world.

Based in China, we see beyond borders and patterns, aiming at building a global social space and creating an independent civilization in metaverse, where people connect, interact and unite with new contract instead of politics, laws and conventions by power we regained from old institutions and technology itself.

Can you tell us more about your team’s background and introduce the core members?

Starting from 2018, our team has built the earliest and most influential community focused on cryptoart, BCA Network. With deep connections with both Chinese art world and blockchain community, BCA grew up with a group of real pioneers and adventurers, while witnessing the massive development in the NFT market.

With the special backgrounds of the team, MetaOpus will engage in revolutionary events that undermines the current unjust order, by supporting charity and environmental sustainability, by experimenting decentralized theory and practice that is still in its infancy, and by exploring the possibilities of relations of production, individuals and nationalities which has been burdened human mind and against human nature.

What are the main advantages of MetaOpus for the user, compared to a similar project from a mainstream financial market?

There are a few noticeable advantages, to highlight the major ones:

Super Affordable
Built for speed and affordability on BSC & expanding to multi-chain support, MetaOpus empower the future of art collectibles for the metaverse and promote the sustainable development of the creative economy.


As part of BCA network, the earliest and world famous NFT community in China, deeply connected with Chinese blockchain community as well as recognized by Chinese mainstream art world, MetaOpus offers rich and high-quality resource including auctions, exhibitions and educational programs, to bridge the traditional physical world and metaverse for both artists and collectors.

High Liquidity

Supported by Vulcan DAO foundation, MetaOpus can also ensure a high liquidity.

Let’s say I want to use MetaOpus. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

Start on our website ( You can find artworks on sale in the market. Answers to different questions can be found at FAQ. (

Why did you decide to build on the Binance Smart Chain?

Our value of protecting the talents and creativity influence our decision in platform design. While the cost and congestion of Ethereum continue, we decided to build a new BSC-focused marketplace so that MetaOpus will enable broader adoption of NFTs to the general public with lower cost and faster transactions. We choose the most affordable and fastest BSC chain to make sure it benefits artist to the most degree.

What do you hope to see next from the BSC community?

We hope BSC will make great contributions to change human understanding of art, technology and the physical world with BCA. We hope to see the decentralized nature and effective technology advantage of BSC empower the future of art as well as the exploration of the metaverse.