BSC GameFi Hackathon for Central & Eastern Europe

BSC GameFi Hackathon for Central & Eastern Europe

The GameFi industry started to grow rapidly this year and Binance Smart Chain has become one of the most popular blockchains for blockchain gaming, primarily thanks to its cheap and fast transactions and thriving community.

Binance Smart Chain has just launched a series of super heavyweight announcements like the  $1 billion growth fund for the BSC ecosystem and the flagship programs – Most Valuable Builder III and MVB Incubation Program. All actions actually have one common goal, which is to capture the most promising and demanding applications and support the best of them. For example, In MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang which is now the major window between Binance Smart Chain and its ecosystem, we focus on the projects from the following areas: high-performance infrastructures, NFT and GameFi, and advanced DeFi legos. Among these, GameFi is a direction that we are keeping a very eye on now considering its rapid growth this year.

We want to boost the growth of this part of the BSC ecosystem and attract even more talented developers, and we are looking for even more talented developers globally and regionally. We teamed up with Dorahacks and want to introduce you the BSC GameFi Hackathon for Central & Eastern Europe.

Your task: Develop a GameFi project with strong IP or collectibles

We are accepting open-source projects related to GameFi, Collectibles, as well as projects developing infrastructure for GameFi built on Binance Smart Chain. Projects could be at zero or early stage of development.

It can be games with mechanics that will allow users to earn money by playing them. No limitations for the genre.

In order to apply for participation, you need to visit the event link.


Application submission and quadratic funding start on 19 October and will last for 2 weeks till 31 October. From November 1 to 5, our judges will score the top 10 projects and pick the 3 best of them.

The event consists of two phases.

Phase 1 (Oct 18-31) – Community Voting

To determine the leaders, we will use the quadratic funding algorithm, and make the ladder of projects by the quadratic results of the community members’ voting. Each member of the community will be able to donate to any project (or projects) that they like using their own funds. On the hackathon page, after selecting a project you like, you can click on “Vote”. The distribution of votes from the community will ultimately determine what projects will be picked for phase 2.

Anyone can use BUSD to vote on projects and teams they like, BUSD donations will be directly transferred to projects.

Voter Support: Chat with us in Telegram if you have any voting-related questions! Link:

Phase 2 (Nov 1-5) – Judging and Scoring

We will pick the top 10 projects that were determined by quadratic funding of the community and our judges will score each project based on the following criteria:

  • Size of the potential audience (0 – 10 points)
  • P2E potential (0 – 10 points)
  • The uniqueness of the idea (0 – 10 points)
  • Diversity of P2E mechanics (1 – 4 points)
  • Game design (1 – 4 points)
  • Low competition, no “same” games (1 – 4 points)
  • The top 3 projects will be rewarded with our grant, provided by BSC and our sponsors.


All projects will receive their donations from quadratic funding. The top 3 projects picked by judges will share a $70,000+ prize fund based on the following proportions:

  • Top 1 – 50%
  • Top 2 – 30%
  • Top 3 – 20%


Here we’d like to express our deepest appreciation to the following organizations and institutions for sponsoring this event. Thank you!


Can I participate alone?

Yes. Both individual participants and entire teams of developers from Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe can participate (the event is open for both beginners and experienced developers). If you  want to find a team or ask any questions you can join our Hackathon Telegram.

How will the selection take place?

Participants need to register for the hackathon, fill out a form and apply on the hackathon page on the Hackerlink website. The team captain must prepare and upload a presentation or video of a demo of the project to Google Drive, and upload a link to the demo in his personal account.

What is the MVB program?

Most Valuable Builder Program (MVB) is the flagship program on Binance Smart Chain, aimed at providing the ecosystem with the best support.  It’s under the umbrella of the $1 billion growth fund from which will distribute $300 million to the MVB program, including  $200 million out of it being used to expand MVB and incubate 100 innovative dApps and infrastructure provides building on top of BSC.

Getting excited? Apply Now For the Most Valuable Builder Program III!

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