BNB Greenfield Testnet: Nagqu Upgrade

BNB Greenfield Testnet: Nagqu Upgrade

BNB Greenfield is undergoing Nagqu upgrade for the testnet version to v0.2.5. The Nagqu upgrade took place at block height 366648, estimated to be on Sep 15th at 03:20 AM considering the current block generation rate.

Please be aware that the upcoming hardfork will not impact your account balance on Greenfield. All buckets and objects stored on the Greenfield Testnet before will remain accessible.

What’s New

This version has undergone comprehensive security enhancements as the final hardfork version prior to the mainnet launch. This mainly includes:

  • The Greenfield resource mirror smart contracts apply more stringent parameter checks.
  • Preventing funds in payment accounts from being permanently trapped in the Cosmos Bank module through intelligent detection.
  • Introducing timer-lock mechanism: funds exceeding 100 BNB will be subject to a one-day lock-up period upon withdrawal from the payment account.
  • Enhance authentication logic between storage providers.

To enhance the user experience, the developer community is introducing new features and improvements.

  • Introduce the official native SDK for Ali Oss-based SP to enhance stability.
  • Improve the performance and stability of SP processing for file uploads. The standard specifications of SP allow for the stable processing of 10 files per second with a size of 1M.
  • Optimize user read traffic billing based on actual usage rather than download count.
  • Command line optimization, like support folder upload.

For other detailed features, bug fixes, and refactoring, please refer to the changelog in Greenfield Blockchain and Greenfield SP repo.

Hackvolution for BNB Greenfield

BNB Chain Hackvolution, an exciting hackathon event, brings together developers and innovators to explore the limitless possibilities of Greenfield. With a total of 70+ submissions, the competition is fierce.

The winners will be announced on September 20th (extended date). At Hackvolution, participants have the opportunity to create decentralized applications (dApps) that harness the power and flexibility of opBNB and BNB Greenfield. These dApps span across various domains, including Infrastructure, Decentralized Finance, Gaming, and AI, sparking innovation and breakthroughs in a wide range of industries.


The Nagqu Upgrade of BNB Greenfield is part of the ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and effective platform for users. The platform better serves the users by addressing bugs, introducing new features, and responding to community feedback.