BNB Greenfield Testnet Last Reset: Maintenance Upgrade, Bug Fixes, and New Features on August 31st

BNB Greenfield Testnet Last Reset: Maintenance Upgrade, Bug Fixes, and New Features

BNB Greenfield is undergoing a regular maintenance upgrade for the testnet version to v0.2.4 on August 31st, between 6:00 am – 10:00 am UTC. All buckets/objects previously stored on Greenfield Testnet will be cleared and won’t be available for query anymore. All account balances will also be reset. As the last reset before mainnet, our key goals involve addressing bugs from previous versions and introducing new features to provide users with a more refined and efficient platform.

Please note that after the reset, all tBNB on Greenfield will be cleared. We’re gearing up to execute an airdrop to reward and incentivise the powerusers. As per our airdrop rules, users will receive the same amount in the airdrop if they hold less than 10 tBNB. This means you will not have to go through the faucet and bridge processes again.

Additionally, we want to inform you that all buckets and objects on Greenfield will be erased. This means they will no longer be accessible or queryable. We understand that this might cause some inconvenience, but please rest assured that these steps are necessary to ensure the optimal performance of our network.

Introducing Breaking Changes and New Features

To enhance the user experience, the community is introducing new features and making significant improvements.

New Pricing Model

This pull request introduces an improved pricing structure and billing calculation by implementing a global storage price, dynamically determined as the median of all storage price settings, and updated at regular intervals for accuracy. This global price will be utilized to determine fees for buckets, including both reading and storing data, resulting in a more transparent and steady pricing model. By enhancing clarity and predictability, these changes aim to bolster user confidence and satisfaction while ensuring fairness across the system’s diverse pricing settings.

New Features

The following new features are now available:

  • Support Storage Provider exit
  • Support bucket migration
  • Support group member expiration

For other small features, bug fixes, and refactoring, please refer to the changelog in GitHub release notes here and here.

Announcing Greenfield Request for Proposals

BNB Chain is seeking development of a self-host solution for BNB Greenfield Storage Provider.

The proposed solution must address the following

Key Features and Functions:

  • Meet the following requirements of SP standard
  • Cost-effectiveness and Competitive Pricing
  • Solution Compliance:
  • Comply with Greenfield Storage Provider protocol
  • The implementation of PieceStore module based on different object storage or KV storage such as GCS, Azure Blob, Ceph, IPFS, DiskFile, Memory, etc.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The solution must meet the functionality specified in “Key features and functions” and SP standard
  • Documentation of the solution must be presented.
  • Include the topology of solution
  • A functioning demo of the solution to be presented and testable by the Greenfield team.
  • Open solution for the whole communities


  • Submission deadline: August 31, 2023
  • Results announcement date: September 4, 2023


The maintenance upgrade of BNB Greenfield is part of the ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and effective platform for users. The platform better serves the users by addressing bugs, introducing new features, and responding to community feedback.