BNB Greenfield Mainnet Manchurian Hardfork

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The upcoming Manchurian hardfork for BNB Greenfield mainnet will take place at block height 3,426,973.

Important information and key actions required:

  • The estimated time for the Manchurian hardfork, based on the current block generation rate, is January 16th at 07:00AM UTC.
  • Validators and SPs should finish upgrading to the latest version before the hardfork. Thos versions are greenfield v1.2.2 for validators, and greenfield-storage-provider v1.2.3 for SPs.

Please be aware that the upcoming hardfork will not impact your account balance on Greenfield. All buckets and objects stored on the Greenfield Mainnet will remain accessible. 

What’s New on Greenfield?

To enhance the user experience, the developer community is introducing the following features and bug fixes:

  • A new message type: `MsgSetTag` (PR #526)
  • A bug fix to addresses the restriction in creating GVG and to enable the creation of an empty family (PR #532)
  • A bug fix for bucket status causing event emissions (PR #522)

What’s New for Storage Providers?

  • Addition of tags to organize and sort buckets, objects and groups (PR #1263)
  • Add a task reschedule to ensure that sealing occurs only after verifying content accuracy (PR #1260)
  • GC Zombie data for Storage Providers (PR #1190)
  • Please note that there are some configuration changes for SPs. For more information, refer here.

For other bug fixes and refactoring, please refer to the changelog in the Greenfield Blockchain repository.

Greenfield Roadmap

Greenfield is embarking on an ambitious journey to improve the broader data economy and how we engage with data in the Web3 world. The recently released Greenfield Roadmap provided updates on our plans for this decentralized storage network. It details how we’ll improve the user experience by blending the best of Web2 performance with innovative Web3 features. 

Upcoming Greenfield Milestones

For Q4 2023/Q1 2024, Greenfield aims to achieve:

  • Enhanced smart contract functionality where smart contracts are enabled as “resource owners” for better permission control on BSC and opBNB
  • Improved storage provider performance
  • A simplified process for storage providers to exit the network

The BNB Greenfield Manchurian upgrade is part of BNB Chain’s ongoing commitment to provide users with a seamless and effective platform. This continued effort involves the introduction of new features, addressing bugs and responding to community feedback.