BNB Chain’s Coffee & Connect Takeover During ETHDenver

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Hey, coffee lovers and blockchain enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting event happening during ETHDenver.

BNB Chain is thrilled to share the details about its “BNB Chain, Coffee & Connect” get together. 

What can you expect? Picture this, a cozy coffee shop buzzing with activity, where developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry leaders gather to network. Sound intriguing?

Here are the details you need to know:

During the event, the space will transform into a hub of creativity and collaboration. You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. It’s not your average networking event, it’s a unique opportunity to brew Web3 innovation together.

We’re giving away a free cup of coffee and pastry to all attendees! All you have to do is sign up*, follow BNB Chain on social media and submit your details to one of our staff members at the event.

But wait, there’s more! There will also be a coworking space and attendees will be able to participate in fun activities like latte lessons led by baristas alongside other Web3 enthusiasts. The BNB Chain team will be there to offer support, answer your questions, and connect with fellow developers and users in the community.

We look forward to hearing from leading innovators and making connections over a cup of coffee, as we build the future of blockchain technology.

So, if you’re attending ETHDenver, be sure to join us for a brew at Lekker Coffee Shop. Let’s foster collaboration, spark new ideas, and celebrate the boundless potential of blockchain innovation together. See you there!

*This is an open event but attendees are required to RSVP here. There is limited space so it will be a first come first serve basis.