BNB Chain Spotlight: NFTScan

BNB Chain Spotlight: NFTScan

Discover a Universe of NFTs!

With so many NFT projects spanning the blockchain, it’s hard to keep up. That’s where our friends at NFTScan save the day with their impressive project. NFTScan makes tracking NFT analytics easy with powerful tools, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with their team to learn more. Enjoy!

What’s your vision and mission?

NFTScan is a professional multi-chain NFT data infrastructure. At present, it is the largest NFT data server in Asia. NFTScan aims to provide efficient and concise NFT search query and analytic services for Web3 users, as well as professional NFT API services for the new generation of financial technology companies.

By the end of 2022, NFTScan has supported 10 blockchain networks, which are Ethereum, Solana, BNBChain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonbeam, Cronos and PlatON. More blockchain networks are coming in continuous integration.

When was the idea behind NFTScan and what led to it?

NFTScan was set up in 2021 based on data service, in order to solve engineering time and cost for developers and projects in NFT space. In the early stage, the services were more for developers and projects, with the core source data parsed on blockchains. And we gradually found it is quite difficult for NFT users to extract valuable information, then we decided to add analytic sections to help users know more clearly about what is happening on blockchains.

Considering the user experience both for developers and users, the NFTScan team finally launches two different products – NFTScan Explorer and NFTScan API. The explorer is for NFT users, providing them with more clear information of NFT trading, volume, marketplace, etc. And the API platform is focused on NFT data services for different business scenarios.  

Tell us about your team’s background.

ZK, founder and CEO of NFTScan, was responsible for the ColdLar Wallet technical team in 2017 ~ 2020.

Shier, Co-founder and COO of NFTScan, was responsible for NEST Protocol marketing in  2018 ~ 2020

Frank, CTO of NFTScan, was responsible for big data in well-known corporations like Sensors Data, JD.COM, Himalaya FM in 2016 ~ 2020 .

Our founder, ZK, is quite a Web3 native guy who has witnessed the last two cycles of bull and bear. In 2021, he caught up with our co-founder, Shier, and the two guys decided to set up a company based on data service. Since its inception, NFTScan has experienced some hard times and solved lots of difficulties with technology. And now, I think NFTScan already has the most completed NFT multi-chain database and the most practical NFT data services.

What are the main advantages of NFTScan for users, compared to a similar project from a mainstream financial market?

The main business of NFTScan now is NFT API services. Compared with other NFT API providers, NFTScan is more focused on NFT data and suitable for different business scenarios, having 40+ NFT APIs for 10 blockchains.

What’s more, NFTScan uses NFT image transmission and acceleration, supports NFT analytics, parses NFT trade protocols and has more affordable prices.  

For NFT Explorer, NFTScan has the most completed NFT data and comprehensive analytics for users to search and query. Users can not only see the basic datas such as holders, metadata, volume, price, activities, NFT sorts, latest transactions and mints, but also many more analyses like rankings, blue chip, trending, profit leaderboard.

What is the security strategy of your project?

As a data provider, NFTScan just presents all NFT data objectively. Users and developers can retrieve all information of every NFT and NFT collection. For risk awareness, we are cooperating with other projects which have tag NFT collections or wallet addresses.  

Let’s say I want to start using NFTScan. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

People can visit NFTScan ( both by PC or mobile. In addition to the NFT explorer, all of the services are listed on the bottom of the home page. To use NFT APIs,  first you need to create an account. After logging, find your specific API KEY on Dashboard and copy it. Then, visit the API docs, put your API KEY in the corresponding position on the top right of API docs.

Now you can use NFTScan’s API Service instructed by the directions in API Docs. There are several models for developers to choose, following the instructions can find the one that matches your needs best. In the dashboard, developers can also see statistics of their own API requests. It helps to record usage history.

The NFT explorer is very user friendly. Users can easily retrieve any NFT data by simply searching for a collection or wallet address or clicking the corresponding sections shown on NFTScan.

Why did you decide to build on the BNB Chain?

We  have a very positive view on the impact BNB Chain has on the NFT space. We finished the integration of BNBChain in our early development. We think the BNBChain NFT ecosystem is booming and will lead a new tide of NFT bull market.

What’s your impression of developing on BNB Chain so far?

We find that BNBChain is quite suitable for issuing GameFi NFTs and application NFTs.

As an NFT data server, NFTScan will still focus on multi-chain NFT data services. By the end of 2022, NFTScan has already supported 10 major blockchains. In 2023, NFTScan is going to integrate 10 more blockchains, which are zkSync, StarkNet, Aptos, Sui Network, Tezos, Bit Network, Scroll, Fantom, Flow and ImmutableX.



API Docs:


What can you share about your tokenomic model?

NFTScan is devoted to building NFT data infrastructure, and doesn’t have a plan for token.

Are you planning any upcoming events?

Yes! NFTScan is launching NFT Portfolio, the product that provides some more professional functions of NFT asset management.

All upgrades and updates will be announced on our twitter, stay tuned!

Finally, in one or two sentences, what makes you most excited about the future of NFTScan?

NFTScan aims to develop into the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure. Currently NFTScan has already provided NFT API for more than 100 projects and companies. We are excited to serve more web3 projects and develop more kinds of APIs to help supercharge the development cycle!