BNB Chain Joins Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

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BNB Chain will adopt the CAI’s open-source technology to address challenges in authenticating data ownership and image verification

With a mission to transform the way data is stored, managed, and accessed, BNB Chain has joined the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to incorporate Content Credentials – an open-source technology that provides transparency into how content has been created or edited – into its platform. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of data technology and management, the intersection of blockchain and decentralized technologies has been a topic of considerable interest. BNB Chain is making waves in this space by ushering in a new era of data ownership and data economy with its BNB Greenfield decentralized storage blockchain. With a mission to transform the way data is stored, managed, and accessed, Greenfield is now teaming up with the CAI to incorporate Content Credentials verification technology into its platform.

BNB Chain’s Decentralized Data Vision

The BNB Greenfield vision revolves around the democratization of data ownership and the establishment of a decentralized data economy. At its core, the platform aims to simplify data storage and management while linking data ownership to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) context of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

One of the key features of BNB Greenfield is its commitment to decentralized data management and access. By utilizing blockchain technology, it seeks to empower users to take control of their data and eliminate the need for centralized intermediaries. This ambitious goal aligns with the principles of blockchain technology, which emphasizes transparency, security, and trust.

The Role of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

In a significant move towards restoring trust in digital content, BNB Greenfield has joined the CAI. The CAI is a coalition of over 2,000 members, from across industries including media and tech companies, NGOs, and academics working together to add a verifiable layer of transparency and trust to content online – via secure metadata called Content Credentials – a nutrition label for digital content, showing attribution and when a piece of content is created and modified.

Content Credentials play a pivotal role in verifying the authenticity of images. It accomplishes this by confirming that an image was captured in-camera, allowing consumers to distinguish between real images and those generated with AI. This standard is a beacon of hope in an era where AI-generated media is becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive. The technology allows creators to provide information such as author name, date of creation and what tools were used to create a piece of content, as well as any edits that were made along the way. This gives creators a way to prove the authenticity of their work and consumers a way to verify what’s real. 

As a member of the CAI, we are thrilled to be joining the likes of major companies spanning industries, including NVIDIA,  Stability AI, Universal Music Group, Nikon, the BBC, Leica Camera, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal and more. By adopting Content Credentials, we are taking a proactive stance against misinformation and ensuring that technological innovations are built on ethical foundations. 

BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield introduces a holistic solution that addresses challenges in content creation, authenticity, and monetization. The following are the key highlights of what the integration of Content Credentials means for users:

Storing Metadata on the Blockchain: BNB Greenfield securely stores this metadata on the blockchain, creating an immutable record regarding the content’s past, its originators, and any modifications performed on it. 

Contributor History: BNB Greenfield enables users to track content with complicated edits and variation history. 

Flexible Monetization Models: BNB Greenfield’s billing smart contract automates monetization and royalty distribution. Additionally, BNB Greenfield is planning to support various models, including Pay Per Access, Pay Per View (Publisher Billing), and a Corporate-Friendly Pay Per View (Owner Billing) option.

Transparency and Accountability: The process is fully transparent, with real-time data accessible to all stakeholders, promoting trust and collaboration.

Scalability and Efficiency: BNB Greenfield’s automated system can efficiently handle growing views and transactions, eliminating manual billing.

BNB Greenfield’s integration of Content Credentials marks a significant step forward in the evolving landscape of digital content creation and distribution. The following are some of the anticipated user benefits:

Content Authenticity and Provenance: The solution ensures an indisputable record of content history, enhancing a way for creators to show their work and prove it’s real.

Transparent Monetization: Creators can set payment terms, ensuring fair compensation.

Automated Billing and Royalties: Real-time billing and automated royalty distribution ensures prompt compensation for creators.

Collaboration and Control: The integrated solution supports collaborative content creation while granting creators control over usage and compensation terms.


BNB Greenfield joining the CAI is a significant step forward in the realm of data ownership and image verification. The power of blockchain technology combined with the innovation of the Content Credentials paves the way for restoring trust and transparency in the digital world. 

As more industry giants and organizations join the CAI and adopt Content Credentials, we can look forward to a future where the authenticity of digital content is no longer in question, and the decentralized data economy can thrive.

You can learn more about the CAI and Content Credentials here.