BNB Chain Dedicates $900K Liquidity Pool To Support and Develop Meme Coin Ecosystem

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BNB Chain has committed $1 million through its Meme Innovation Campaign to accelerate meme coin innovation within its ecosystem. In the campaign’s first phase, $100,000 was awarded in prizes to support the development of new meme coins, attracting global participation from developers and projects. 

In the second phase of this campaign, “Meme Heroes” support program, BNB Chain is allocating the remaining $900,000 for liquidity pool (LP) support to further develop and grow promising meme projects. It is anticipated that all revenue generated from the LP support’s funding will be reinvested to support further meme coin development.

For meme projects interested in applying for our LP support, apply here!

Meme Heroes’ Criteria & How to Apply

The Meme Heroes support program aims to improve liquidity and promote a stable and secure user trading environment. Selection criteria for projects include:

  • Locking 100% of the LP liquidity for at least one year or sending it to a null address.
  • Adding 10% of the total token supply to the LP.
  • Ensuring the top 10 externally owned account holders hold less than 10% of the total supply and encouraging these stakeholders to lock or vest their funds over time.
  • Verify the token source code on BscScan or undergo a security audit.
  • We will comprehensively consider the trading volume, number of token holders, and market capitalization if all other conditions are met.

If you meet the criteria, you can apply for LP support by completing this form. Your application should include a brief description of your project and supporting information as stated above. 

Tracking BNB’s LP Support Assets & Reinvesting Revenue Generated

In line with BNB Chain’s mission to provide an open, scalable infrastructure and give back to the community, all revenue generated from these LPs will be reinvested into the ecosystem. These funds will be directed to a dedicated LP address, ensuring ongoing support and growth for meme coins within the BNB Chain ecosystem. You are able to track BNB’s LP Support Assets via the following addresses.

To track all revenue generated from the LPs that will be reinvested back into the ecosystem, you can also view the following addresses:



All revenue generated from the LP support funding will be reinvested to further support meme coin development.

Get Involved

With its mature infrastructure, security, affordability, vibrant community, and diverse DeFi ecosystem, BNB Chain offers an ideal environment for creating, launching, trading, and exploring meme tokens. Developers and meme projects are encouraged to submit their applications.