BNB Chain Builder Grantees XDAO, , Puffverse and Dmail Continue to Innovate

BNB Chain Builder Grantees XDAO, Blockvision, Puffverse and Dmail Continue to Innovate

BNB Chain Builder Grants awards grants and non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects who contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem, with up to $500,000 allocated every month for projects that show tremendous promise and innovation.

Here we catch up with four previous winners – XDAO, Blockvision, Puffverse and Dmail – to see what they’ve been up to since receiving their BNB Chain Builder Grants.

XDAO: Next Level DAO Building

​XDAO is a unique tool for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and jointly managing crypto assets in just a few clicks. Before XDAO, there were no effective and convenient tools for companies and projects to invest in decentralized protocols as a joint entity or syndicate. In XDAO, a group of people can easily create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares, and directly interact with DeFi protocols.

Since being awarded a BNB Chain Builder Grant in October 2022, XDAO has made great strides in building in the DAO space, creating 2,646 DAOs on BNB Chain with more than $14 million in stablecoin circulation volume. They also garnered 45,000 registrations with 1,300 winners of City Quest, where participants immerse themselves in an AI-generated narrative, solve challenges and win prizes.

Going forward, XDAO has a number of new initiatives that are sure to attract an even greater audience. They plan to completely redesign the platform to provide a best-in-class user experience, introduce tools to legally protect DAO activities in new jurisdictions, and develop paid features available via staking and one-time purchase with $XDAO.

Learn more about XDAO on their website and follow them on Twitter.

Blockvision: Bespoke Web3 APIs and Data Indexing

Retrieving multi-chain data is cumbersome and expensive with many barriers to entry: Web3 data indexing is intricate, initial infrastructure set up is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and on-chain data is difficult to maintain. BlockVision is a revolutionary multi-chain Node, Mempool, FT, NFT, and DeFi API provider and real-time data retrieval portal for developers. With remarkably low-latencies and high availability, BlockVision makes building and creating on Web3 a breeze.

Since being awarded a BNB Chain Builder Grant in November 2022, Blockvision has logged some serious wins. The team has launched an NFT Indexing API, which allows developers to easily access NFT metadata and transactions that now receives 20 million API calls per day; released an Account API that supports any transaction, token, NFT, or DeFi query that now receives 13 million API calls per day; and provided a MemPool monitoring function for the BNB Chain ecosystem that receives 46 million API calls per day.

Going forward, Blockvision plans to develop data visualization products for BNB Smart Chain, release indexing APIs for zkBNB, and integrate more DeFi protocols and provide more DeFi APIs to the community.

Learn more about Blockvision on their website and follow them on Twitter.

Puffverse: Character-Driven Metaverse Exploration

Puffverse is a dreamland of the 3D metaverse that aims to connect the virtual Web3 world with the reality of Web2. Puffverse offers an NFT character-driven environment for players to experience a magical new metaverse.

Since being awarded a BNB Chain Builder Grant in November, the Puffverse team has been hard at work. PuffGo’s Beta version has acquired more than 2,000 participating addresses and PuffGo’s Football Beta Version is now available for both iOS and Android, as well as on the Google Play Store and Xiaomi App Store. The Puff Football Mystery Box is also ranked in the top 5 NFT collections on Binance.

Going forward, Puffverse is planning the following launches: official versions of PuffGo & PuffTown (March 2023); PUFF token (March 2023); PuffLand (Q3 2023); and PuffWorld (Q4 2023).

Learn more about Puffverse on their website and follow them on Twitter

Dmail: Constructing DID in Web3

Dmail Network, the leading and only completely decentralized mailbox solution in Web3, is a next generation Web3-based collaborative platform that integrates messaging, asset, storage, workspace and more. Over time, Dmail has the potential to become a fundamental infrastructure tool and decentralized identity (DID) network for Web2 users to enter Web3.

Since being awarded a BNB Builder Grant, Dmail has been making waves in the world of blockchain-based communications and identity. Supporting SpaceID, JazID, ENS, Dotbit, Unstoppable, and HaskKeyDID, domain name holders can now log in and send and receive Web3 encrypted emails via Dmail. The team has launched BNB Chain Task Points, where senders using Dmail can earn points that allow them to upgrade levels, exchange workspaces and convert native tokens. And, users can now use Dmail’s Presale Pay with BUSD or USDT to get Dmail’s NFT domain account.

Going forward, Dmail has a number of exciting launches planned: DID-as-a-Service (January 2023); JazDID holders send/receive Web3 encrypted emails and Free-Mint (January 2023); SpaceID holders send/receive Web3 encrypted emails and Free-Mint (January 2023); BAB Holders Free-Mint 8-11 digits NFT domain (January 2023); BNB Chain Task Points (February 2023); Mail Header Contract based on BNB Chain (February 2023); NFT contract one-way convert to BNB Chain (Pending).

Learn more about Dmail on their website and follow them on Twitter.

BNB Chain Builder Grant Program

The BNB Chain Builder Grant program is dedicated to providing Web3 projects with tangible support to help them reach the next level of their development. We accept applications every month from the 1st to the 7th and are dedicating a regular investment of up to $500,000 every month for projects exhibiting exciting potential.

This initiative opens the door to innovative projects and teams building on, or looking to migrate to, BNB Chain – the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users in Web3.

We are actively looking for exciting and innovative teams. Fill out the simple and easy application form today and help your project reach the next level.