Introducing Greenfield V1.7 and MindPress: Enhancing Developer Experiences with New Features

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As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, Greenfield remains committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. The latest update, Greenfield V1.7, introduces significant features aimed at simplifying storage solutions and enhancing cross-chain capabilities. In tandem, the MindPress update showcases practical applications of these innovations. 

Let’s dive into the details of these exciting updates and explore how they benefit developers.

User Experience Improvements Since V1.7

BEP-362: Greenfield Storage Fee Paymaster

One of the standout features in Greenfield V1.7 is the introduction of the Storage Fee Paymaster, designed to alleviate storage costs for users. This new system allows project owners to sponsor storage fees, effectively reducing barriers for regular users who wish to utilize the platform without worrying about the intricacies of storage payments.

Introduction to Greenfield Billing and Payment Address

Greenfield’s billing system requires users to pay two types of fees:

  1. Gas Fees: Every transaction incurs gas fees to compensate Greenfield validators for writing metadata on-chain.
  2. Storage Fees: Users are charged by Storage Providers (SPs) for the storage service in a stream payment model, similar to Superfluid.

Why This Change?

The primary motivation behind BEP-362 is to simplify the user experience. By allowing project owners to sponsor storage costs, users no longer need to maintain a BNB balance to cover storage and bandwidth fees. This sponsorship mechanism lowers the entry barrier and streamlines the payment process.

Workflow Overview

The general workflow for utilizing the new Storage Fee Paymaster is as follows:

  1. A user creates a bucket with a payment address from the granter.
  2. The granter sets the flow rate limit for the bucket.
  3. The user operates within the bucket’s allowance, such as creating objects.
  4. The granter can revoke or grant the allowance as needed.

Creating and Managing Buckets

To create a bucket in Greenfield, developers use the CreateBucket method with mandatory parameters such as the bucket name and primary SP. The payment address can be updated post-creation, providing flexibility in managing storage costs.

Payment Address Management

The flow rate for payment addresses ensures a constant rate of fee payment, charged every second as usage occurs. Developers can set or revoke payment address flow rates using straightforward API calls.

BEP-363: Enhanced Cross-Chain Programming

The power of Greenfield lies in its robust cross-chain capabilities, allowing seamless interaction between BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and Greenfield blockchain networks. BEP-363 enhances these capabilities, facilitating operations on Greenfield triggered by actions on BSC or opBNB without requiring users to switch networks.

Cross-Chain Programming Layers

  1. Cross-Chain Communication Layer: Manages and verifies communication between BSC and Greenfield.
  2. Resource Mirror Layer: Manages resource assets on Greenfield mirrored onto BSC.
  3. Application Layer: Hosts smart contracts developed by the community, enabling operations on mirrored resources.

Workflow and Resource Management

Greenfield’s resources, including buckets, objects, and groups, can be mirrored on BSC as NFTs adhering to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. These mirrored resources enable flexible and accessible data management across platforms, with smart contracts on BSC directly impacting storage formats and access permissions on Greenfield.

For example, Alice can take the following steps:

  1. Create a group on Greenfield by MindPress Marketplace contract.
  2. Bind the group with the object on Greenfield by MindPress Marketplace contract.
  3. List the group on the BSC data marketplace smart contract, setting the price while the binding is complete.

To access data assets from BSC

Bob should spend a certain amount of BNB, buying permission to become a member of the group so that he can download the object.

MindPress Data Marketplace: A Practical Application

MindPress is a demo marketplace built on BNB Smart Chain and Greenfield, showcasing the capabilities of V1.6 and V1.7. It exemplifies the use of cross-chain programmability, delegate upload, and sponsor-paid storage fees in a web3 decentralized trading platform.

Key Features

  • Create Space: Developers can create logical storage containers.
  • List Object: Store and list objects within these containers.
  • Buy Object: Users can purchase access to these objects, facilitated by seamless cross-chain operations.

Codebase and Resources

MindPress is a comprehensive project with a clear codebase:


The latest updates in Greenfield V1.7 and the innovative features of MindPress significantly enhance the developer experience. By simplifying storage payments and expanding cross-chain programming capabilities, Greenfield empowers developers to create robust and scalable dApps. Embrace these advancements and embark on your journey of innovation within the BNBChain ecosystem. Happy coding!