Navigating the BNB Beacon Chain Fusion Roadmap: Six Month Plan

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The blockchain world is continually advancing, with the BNB Beacon Chain Fusion standing as a prime example of this dynamism. This significant shift in network architecture is being carefully managed through a series of clear monthly targets. This article offers a detailed overview of these targets, set to facilitate a smooth transition for the BNB Chain community.

Six Month Plan

January Milestones

  • Alerts to Validators and Staking Pools: Initiatives are underway to notify all validators and staking pools about the deactivation of the staking feature. This change aligns with the new strategic directions.
  • BEP2/BEP8 Asset Binding: Efforts are being made to bind all BEP2 and BEP8 assets to BNB Smart Chain (BSC). This will enable users to conduct cross-chain withdrawals of their assets to BSC, with an official announcement on this development anticipated shortly.
  • Wallet Integration: Various wallet providers are being coordinated with to support cross-chain withdrawals for BEP2/BEP8 assets, aiming to enhance user experience and accessibility.
  • CEX and Wallet Communications: Centralized exchanges, particularly Binance (BN), and wallets like Trust Wallet (TW), are being advised to halt asset transfers to the Beacon Chain.

February Milestones

  • Bridges and Atomic Swaps: Bridge services are being informed about the upcoming disabling of atomic swap features before April. They are expected to relay this information to their users in advance.

April Milestones

  • Validator Migration: A critical goal for April is the complete migration of all validators to BSC.
  • Voting Power Transfer: It is also essential that all validators transfer their voting power and ensure their delegators are re-delegated properly.

May Milestones

  • User Notification: Users and delegators will be advised to verify their auto-refunded balances as a part of the transition process.
  • Balance Verification: The plan includes generating a balance dump and publishing it for community verification, this reinforces transparency and trust.

June Milestones

  • Migration App Launch: A pivotal step in June will be the release of a CLI(Command Line Interface) token migration application. This tool is designed to assist users in retrieving funds still on the Beacon Chain, marking an important phase in the roadmap.


The BNB Beacon Chain Fusion represents a strategic evolution towards a more streamlined, secure, and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

For us, keeping the community informed and supported throughout this transition is a priority. Further updates can be anticipated as the roadmap progresses, underscoring our commitment to a robust and innovative blockchain future.