Binance Smart Chain’s $100M Fund Invests in Decentral Games

Binance Smart Chain’s $100M Fund Invests in Decentral Games

The BSC ecosystem is filled with exciting projects that BUIDL innovative products. Together with our friends and partners, we’re on the journey to help talented teams grow their projects and BUIDL a more inclusive and free environment, but it’s not just within the BSC ecosystem where we look for talent.

We’re happy to announce that Decentral Games (DG), a leading metaverse-native GameFi DAO, has secured investment under our $100 million Accelerator set up to boost the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. With the newly garnered support, Decentral Games, the leading play-to-earn platform and the disruptor to traditional gaming, will usher in new innovations to expand the rapidly-evolving blockchain metaverse, GameFi vertical, and NFT markets on BSC.

Decentral Games develops 3D metaverse games on blockchain for both consumer and business markets. The games include NFTs, play-to-earn models, wager-based games, and 3D virtual events games revolving around music entertainment with immersive experience.

The investment will enable Decentral Games to accelerate the creation of new games and features for its existing six metaverse venues with new venues and games lined up in the coming weeks. This highly visible strategic investment will expose Decentral Games to BSC’s 800+ dApps and their worldwide user base.
Industry giants such as Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Decentraland, Arca Funds, Hashkey, and Collab+Currency, along with the new addition of Binance Smart Chain have strategically invested in Decentral Games.

Binance Smart Chain’s cross-chain ecosystem supports the seamless onboarding of projects bridging from Ethereum, leading BSC to become the fastest-growing DeFi chain by volume in recent months. As the BSC ecosystem has continued to court critical user growth, it has avoided the risks associated with scalability-related bottlenecks, including high transaction fees. BSC users currently enjoy 20 times lower gas fees than other leading blockchain projects, while transaction volumes have increased on BSC 6-fold compared to Ethereum. With the rollout of DG’s play-to-earn ICE Poker product, designed to boost concurrent and daily players, Binance’s scalability advantages will ensure Decentral Games users continue to enjoy the ease of experience they’ve come to expect as GameFi grows in popularity. By analyst estimates, the traditional gaming sector is poised to see a 9.64% CAGR from 2021 to 2026. At the intersection of cryptocurrency and virtual gaming, a similarly prolonged growth trend is underpinned partly by innovations in the emerging play-to-earn movement.

Founded in 2019, DG has become a premier metaverse project within a short timeframe. Decentral Games’ thought leadership in the metaverse gaming space has helped bring the popular play-to-earn GameFi model to prominence. The model rewards players for their continued participation on the platform. This unique innovation has allowed Decentral Games to amass a loyal following of dedicated players all invested in the collective proliferation of the brand. As new users are onboarded and begin to participate in the financial incentive structure offered by the Decentral Games platform, the growth of DG’s user base effectively raises the aggregate value of the DG economy. With the introduction of DG to millions of BSC users for the first time, BSC’s mainstream level of exposure will validate the long-term viability of DG’s play-to-earn economy. True to Decentral Games’ mission statement, play-to-earn has created a direct pathway that enables DG investors to “be the house.”

This year, Decentral Games has seen an outsized increase in demand for their immersive metaverse environments, enabling them to expand their product offerings and market segments. Decentral Games’ foray into the nightlife space with the debut of a virtual nightclub venue, and the NFT space with the addition of a dedicated platform for digital assets, have both greatly expanded the value proposition of the overall DG experience.

“The BSC ecosystem bolsters a range of NFT, Infra, and GameFi projects that have accelerated the growth of crypto with a multitude of real-life use-cases. We’re constantly looking to collaborate with projects that help new users navigate an easy entry point into DeFi. With Decentral Games paving the way for GameFi projects to connect crypto with entertainment, play-to-earn incentives models have a higher scope for better mass adoption. In line with the investment, we will support DG and help it flourish in the BSC ecosystem.” – Samy Karim, BSC Ecosystem Coordinator.

About Decentral Games and Partners

Decentral Games (DG) is a next-generation entertainment and play-to-earn GameFi DAO at the intersection of the metaverse and NFT. The company is backed by key investor Digital Currency Group (DCG), whose principal subsidiary Grayscale is the world’s biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency fund manager and manages $40 billion in assets. Decentral Games is a leading metaverse project and the world’s first to provide metaverse employment opportunities. It is also the first DAO to own, govern, and monetize virtual land.

Decentral Games develops 3D metaverse games on blockchain for both consumer and business markets. The games include NFTs, play-to-earn models, wager-based games, and 3D virtual events games revolving around music entertainment with an immersive experience.