Binance Review, Month 35: A Quarter at a Time

During Binance’s Month 35 (May 15 to June 15, 2020), we launched quarterly futures contracts, incorporated major updates on our apps, and more!

The Big Story: More Options for Your Future(s)

During our 35th month, as with every month, we ask ourselves what we can do better and how much more we can BUIDL, innovate, and give.

We ended this month by launching our BTCUSD Quarterly Futures Contracts. With these new derivatives that feature quarterly settlement terms, we offer more diversification for your crypto portfolio. The BTCUSD Quarterly Futures contract with leverage up to 125x is now available on the Binance Futures web trading interface, with mobile availability coming in later. Learn how to trade Quarterly Futures through this guide.

Aside from launching products, we constantly seek improvement by adding to the services we recently launched. For instance, our Binance Options platform has added ETH and XRP contracts, just less than two months after its inaugural launch of BTC options. Meanwhile, Binance Futures added the THETA/USDT perpetual contract as its 25th contract offered, further solidifying its hold as a top altcoin futures trading platform.

As for one of our highlighted launches last month, Binance Pool is enhancing its crypto mining platform by offering a Smart Pool service. This will guarantee that the minimum BTC mining income is not lower than income from the FPPS payment method. To add to this, Binance Pool recently launched a 50% fee discount promo, while also giving miners the chance to buy crypto mining hardware that they need. With this constant drive for growth and service, it’s no wonder why Binance Pool immediately became one of the 10 biggest mining pools in the world right after its launch.

The commitment to improvement is also apparent in Binance Margin, which just launched an isolated margin mode alongside its existing cross-margin mode. You can use this mode on 45 trading pairs involving 24 tokens. Here, you can learn the differences between isolated margin and cross margin

This month also saw the launch of major updates for our Binance mobile app. We know that mobile is the future, and during Month 35, the Binance app for iOS and Android has undergone several updates such as:

1. Trailing stop order on Futures trading

2. Option target price function

3. Multi-option contract trading

4. Lite trading mode for beginners

5. Isolated margin support

6. Binance leveraged tokens support

7. Intro tutorial to Binance Options

8. Subscriptions to custom fixed savings

9. Transfer of fixed savings assets

In Other News

Week 1 Highlights (full report here)

Binance Smart Chain launches testnet. The Rialto testnet exhibits the interoperability and programmability of the Binance Smart Chain. For more details, read this announcement or check the whitepaper. Merges with Binance-backed TravelByBit. The merger, a strategic decision between and TravelByBit, will combine two leading blockchain-based online travel platforms to build one of the largest online travel agencies in the world.

Binance Research ties up with IntoTheBlock to revamp its website. Together, they will create enhanced crypto project pages on the Binance Research website, which will integrate multiple data indicators and interactive content highlighting on-chain metrics, trading, and other social elements.

Week 2 Highlights (full report here)

Binance and Tokocrypto are supporting Indonesian rupiah-backed stablecoin. Binance IDR (BIDR), a BEP2 stablecoin pegged to Indonesia’s currency, BIDR will be available for direct purchase and redemption at a rate of 1 BIDR = 1 IDR.  

Binance live customer support is now in eight languages. We have recently launched 24/7 live customer support in Vietnamese. You can also get support for the following languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. 

Week 3 Highlights (full report here)

New Binance Futures API endpoint features 10x performance. This new API version has 10x the speed and performance of the previous API. View the full changelog here.

Binance Chain testnet announces Nightingale upgrade. The testnet included new features, such as support for BEP8 tokens that accommodate small projects, as well as listing BUSD pairs, and more. 

Community Coin Vote Round 9 Winner: MDT. Users who voted for MDT receive an airdrop of 402.9685349 MDT to their Binance accounts for each vote they cast. 

Week 4 Highlights (full report here)

#StaySAFU Security Campaign. In collaboration with Binance Academy, we launched this campaign to provide better security knowledge for our users. Read the articles below.

1. 8 Surprising Statistics About Phishing

2. 5 Common Cryptocurrency Scams

3. 5 Common Social Engineering and Cyber Attacks

4. Secure Your Binance Account in 7 Simple Steps

 Binance Charity launches Crypto Against COVID for Japan. Binance will match all contributions for this special campaign on a 1:1 basis. This is in addition to the 10,000 masks we already donated to Japan.

Binance P2P supports Philippine peso (PHP). This is the newest fiat addition to our peer-to-peer platform

Exchange Updates

* New spot listing: Measurable Data Token (MDT)


* Total cryptocurrencies listed (as of June 15): 200 (+1 from last month)

* Total spot trading pairs listed: 578 (+13 new pairs, -19 pairs from recent removals