Binance Futures Review, Month 11: We Never Miss a Season

Dear Binancians, 

As the saying goes, “May you live in interesting times.” After several months of sideways movement, July brought back some excitement the market is fond of. BTC is testing $12,000, ETH is testing $400, LINK is up 3x, BAND is up 5x; the Bull Market has arrived. 

Binance Futures is taking full advantage of the market conditions to post its best numbers yet.

– We recorded a new all-time-high with over $13 billion in volume traded on July 28th.

– Open interest crossed $1 billion right as we enter a new month, highest on record since inception.

– Binance added 22 new derivatives contracts in July and August, bringing the total to 37 USDT-margined futures, 6 Coin-margined futures, 12 BLVTs, and 4 Options. 

– We’ve continued to solidify our position as the number 1 venue for altcoin contracts, particularly LINK and BAND. 

Additionally, we have just launched inverse perpetual futures, which is a new additional product line under our range of COIN-margined futures. As a part of the Binance Futures ecosystem, there are two major benefits to trade this product: 

1. Margin offset between quarterlies and inverse perpetual futures. Any profits made can be used for margin on either the quarterly or inverse perpetual markets; this is particularly useful for those hedging between the two markets. For instance, unrealized profits in an open COIN-margined perpetual position can provide a buffer in the user’s margin balance, thereby increasing a user’s margin liquidity to open another position in a similar COIN-margined contract. 

2. Binance is the only exchange offering Cross or Isolated margin modes for COIN-margined products. This means users can enjoy flexible control of their margin balance by either spreading it across all their open positions or setting individual limits for each position they own.

Finally, a summary of some of the other new initiatives last month:

– Leaderboard: create your own history 

– Trollbox: share your views with the community 

– Quarterlies market making program: higher maker fees 

– Quarterlies referral/affiliate programs: upgraded with more bonuses

– DeFi trading competition: trade DeFi futures in DeFi season

– Quarterlies coupon: deposit and trade to win 10 BTC

– Quarterlies trading competition: $100,000 in ADA tokens to be won (Still ongoing)

From BTC to DeFi season, and from Altcoin to where we are now at with Allcoins season, Binance Futures has never missed a season. What season will come next? 

– AG