Binance Extension Wallet v1.141.6 Release

Binance Extension Wallet v1.141.6 Release

Binance Extension Wallet v1.141.6 is released and verified on Firefox and Chrome.

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In the previous releases, the Binance Extension wallet has fixed many bugs and improved user’s experience. To learn more about these releases, please read the blog.

Hassle-free Stake BEP20 BNB

With the new release of BEW, we improve upon the experience of stake BEP20 BNB to BSC validators by introducing a new feature called cross-chain delegation. BEW will generate a sequence of transactions making it possible to delegate BEP20 BNB to validators while remains at Binance Smart Chain network.

Now, when you want to stake your BEP20 BNB, BEW will automatically generate a Binance Chain address from the same private key. From there, the extension prompts you a window to confirm the transactions. You can click on the “Confirm” button and wait for the confirmation message for your transactions. BEW is completely customizable to both networks and vastly streamlines the user experience from start to finish.

Try Cross-chain Delegation

Note: this feature is not available for accounts imported from Hardware wallet, like Ledger

  • Confirm your transaction and wait for the confirmation
  • Go to “My Staking” page and confirm your staked amount

Read more about staking FAQ here  

Developers can take a look at our API documentation