Binance Bridge System Upgrade Announcement

Binance Bridge System Upgrade Announcement

Last month, Binance Bridge V3 was released as an important improvement to Binance Bridge service. More significant changes will be introduced in the following days.

What’s Changing?

Firstly, there will be more restrictions when creating orders using Binance Bridge API from 2021/5/24 14:00PM(SGT).

  • When swap tokens between BSC and Ethereum, connected network must be the same as fromNetwork
  • When swap tokens between BSC and Ethereum, toAddress and walletAddress must  be the same

Secondly, the refund process for the following orders between BSC and Ethereum will only take about an hour from 2021/5/26 14:00PM(SGT):

  • Failed deposit
  • Send multiple deposits for the same order
  • Deposit after the swap becomes to ‘DepositTimeout’
  • fromAddress is different from walletAddress

Also, Binance Bridge API V1 will retire soon. The time will be announced in the future announcement.

Why Did We Make This Change?

The breaking changes we’re making to our API are simple enough. The change is to improve user experience and reduce human error.

Next Steps

  • If you do not use Binance Bridge API, you’re good to go!
  • If you do use any of the above features, please modify your application accordingly.

If you ever experience an issue in Binance Bridge, do not be afraid to create a ticket on our support platform, where we will continue to do our best to respond to pressing issues as quickly as possible. For other technical questions, feel free to reach out to us at