Beacon Chain Update: Suspending Atomic Swap Functionality

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Please be aware that a significant update to the Beacon Chain is on the horizon, which will impact transaction procedures and certain features, notably the Hashed Timelock Contract (HTLT) functionality.

Effective Date of Change: By the end of April

Changes to the Beacon Chain

The Beacon Chain will disable specific transaction types on the Beacon Chain, including HTLTMsg and DepositHTLTMsg. This decision directly impacts the Hashed Time Lock feature, which has been instrumental in facilitating atomic swaps between the Beacon Chain and other blockchains.

Implications for Atomic Swaps

The disabling of the HTLT feature means that atomic swaps, a decentralized mechanism allowing for the exchange of cryptocurrencies across different blockchains, will no longer be supported on the Beacon Chain. This change is one important step of the sunset of BNB Beacon Chain.

Next Steps for Users

As a user, you can proactively refund your atomic swaps by sending HTLC Refund transactions to Beacon Chain. For details, please refer to the atomic swap management document.

Note: Following the BC Fusion, accessing assets on the BNB Beacon Chain will become highly difficult, if not impossible, for users. To aid digital asset issuers and holders on the BNB Beacon Chain, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on transferring the value of their assets, such as BEP2/BEP8 tokens, both prior to and following the Fusion.

Here is an outline of all important milestones in the BNB Chain Fusion roadmap, set to facilitate a smooth transition for the BNB Chain community.