Celebrating Innovation: Winners of the BNB Chain 2024 Q2 Hackathon

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We are excited to reveal the winners of the BNB Chain 2024 Q2 Hackathon! Themed “One BNB – Coding the Future,” this hackathon attracted developers from across the globe, showcasing incredible talent and innovation.

Out of 196 submissions, 10 projects were selected to advance to the demo round and compete for the top three spots.


Main Challenge Winners:

A total of $50,000 in prizes was awarded for this quarter’s hackathon:

Top 11x $15,000Context Pilot
Top 22 x $10,000Kiwi Pad Bot

Top 33 x $5,000Babydrop

Advanced BNB L2 Analytics

Honorable mentions$10,000 distributed between all qualifying submissionsAsset Nexus


Blockchain and IOT

BoT Weave




opBNB Catcher Game

opBNB Immortal Ninja Game

opBNB Quiz Game

opBNB Voting Game

Seamless and ‘Invisible’ wallet experience 


SpaceShip Racing with Smart Wallet

Stochastic Settlement Engine


Winners Highlights:

First Prize Winner:

Context Pilot, a Visual Studio Code extension that manages contextual information within the editor, enhancing coding experiences with AI integration.

Second Prize Winners:

  • Kiwi Pad Bot: The first decentralized Telegram launchpad bot.
  • Memehub.AI: An AI-driven memecoin launcher revolutionizing the meme space.

Third Prize Winners:

  • Babydrop: Allows users to send BabyDoge through a simple link, facilitating community onboarding.
  • Advanced BNB L2 Analytics: An advanced L2 analytics explorer for opBNB and other L2s, providing intuitive dashboards and real-time status updates.
  • Dexa: A decentralized social media platform that safeguards user data and ensures privacy, free from corporate control and intrusive algorithms.

Honorable mentions:

$10,000 was distributed among 16 qualifying submissions, including:

  • Asset Nexus
  • BabyDogeX
  • Blockchain and IOT
  • BoT Weave
  • CubeLand
  • HybridAutoBattleBNB
  • Mapx_BNB
  • opBNB Catcher Game
  • opBNB Immortal Ninja Game
  • opBNB Quiz Game
  • opBNB Voting Game
  • Seamless and ‘Invisible’ wallet experience 
  • SpaceShip Racing with Smart Wallet 
  • Stochastic Settlement Engine

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Sponsor Track Awards:

Sponsor | Worth of Reward | Winner

  • Sonorus:
    • $5,000 – SONOVATE
    • $3,000 – Bitbuzz
  • Polyhedra:
    • $3,000 – Poly-Bridge
    • $1,500 – GreenLink
    • $500 – Web3-chess-bsc
  • Holoworld AI:
    • $400 awarded to each team:Steve Jobs by Holoworld AI, Naval Ravikanth AI Character, Lord Voldemort, Auny, Beyoncé AI Character.
    • $200 each team – Stephen Hawking AI character, Black Widow, Baby Maya, Gollum AI, Sumaika – AI Character, Darth Vader, Digital avatar of Mahatma Gandhi, Obelix Chat, Angelina Jolie, Darth_Chat, Eminem, Isagi, Ironman AI chatbot, Robin Hood Sachiv Ji AI chatbot.
  • BabyDoge: Follow Project’s X account for the upcoming announcement.

There are no qualifying submissions for the DoraFactory, Dego, THENA and TUSD tracks. Stay tuned for further announcements during the Q3 hackathon.

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors:

We extend our gratitude to our annual sponsors – Polyhedra Network, Dora Factory, DEGO Finance, TUSD, SonorusTHENA , Baby Doge and Holoworld AI.

Support and Opportunities Beyond the Hackathon:

Winners will receive a comprehensive Kickstart program package worth $50,000, including credits from AWS, Google Cloud, and more. Additionally, winners potentially may have the opportunity for a direct interview with MVB, enhancing their chances of joining this esteemed community. Projects that maintain traction and reach additional milestones will unlock the opportunity to claim extra rewards. Should all six projects in the top 3 achieve their milestones, each project will be awarded $10,000. 

Closing Thoughts:

The BNB Chain 2024 Q2 Hackathon was a journey of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We thank all participants, mentors, and judges for their contributions. As we celebrate our winners, we look forward to the continued evolution of the BNB Chain ecosystem. Keep a look out for the upcoming launch of the 2024 Q3 hackathon in mid-July. We encourage you to participate!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through BNB Chain Discord. We are here to support you 24/7 and are committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed.

Thank you for all of the projects’ participation, and we look forward to their continued involvement in our future events. We value your hackathon feedback! Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us through this form

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