The Most Valuable Builder III and MVB Incubation Program

The Most Valuable Builder III and MVB Incubation Program

The two previous rounds of our Most Valuable Builder Program (MVB) attracted innovation and progress to the BSC ecosystem. Many participating projects are ranking among the most popular, with some MVB winners dominating the global rankings in DeFi or NFT.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang, where we’ll find out who the real MVBs are! At the end of the article you can read more about our MVB Incubation Program which we’re preparing for you.

The Most Valuable Builder III: Beyond the Big Bang

Like in the previous rounds, in MVB III, we will go through multiple phases where we will shortlist participating projects based on their performance and other criteria, such as security, community strength, etc. To push for even more significant innovation, the participating projects will compete in a new MVB Monthly Star concept, where we’ll pick only the best-performing projects every month (August, September, October).

As before, at the end of the MVB III, we will end up with only the best of the best. The MVB Top Player projects are the final winning projects of MVB III, and we will announce them in November.

Every season of MVB aims to boost innovation in specific areas essential for further blockchain adoption.

In MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang, the focus is on these areas:

  1. High-performance infrastructures: Strengthen critical infrastructure and provide services to satisfy large-scale business, including (not limited to)  security tooling, API and toolings, Cross-chain DeFi Composition, Privacy Txs/Flashbots, bridging CeFi and DeFi, and more.
  2. NFT and GamingFi:  Pursue mass adoption opportunities through Gaming, Community (Fan) Tokens, Guild DAO, and more.
  3. Advanced DeFi legos: Build secure, trustless, and holistic DeFi infra to satisfy new DeFi requirements from institutional and professional traders and brokers, including (but not limited to) synthetic assets, real-world assets, efficient AMM,  fixed interest rate products, indexing, structural protocols, asset management, and more.

Big Bang Fact: The winners of MVB I, AutoFarm and Beefy, were listed on, and MVB II GameFi projects recorded x10  growth after participating in MVB.

Why your project should participate in MVB III

MVB III aims at helping BSC-based startups grow into stable, reliable, and valuable parts of the crypto ecosystem. The world shows demand for unique real-life products capable of operating at high speed even during the heaviest traffic and retain low costs, and BSC infrastructure can deliver this.

We want to invite all interested projects in all stages of development to apply and participate. If you want to take your project to the stars, this is your chance to BUIDL a fantastic and loved project that helps its users and makes their lives better.

MVB III provides the best performing projects with a pool of benefits:

  • BSC Direct $10,000 Grants support (“MVB Top Player” Only)
  • Potential for direct investment and listing opportunity from
  • Full audit compensation up to $10,000  (“MVB Top Player” only)
  • Security support from top auditing and security institutions
  • Systematic technical support for building innovative products
  • Industrial exposure to get the right contacts and expertise of the space
  • Ability to secure funds for development and project incubation
  • Increase community influence and expand globally

How To Apply

It’s simple, straightforward, and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Register your contract through the BUIDL Reward Program; startups can apply with a quick BSC smart contract deployment.
  2. (Optional)Do you have a pitch deck? We would love to see it.

Send it to us at

Apply Now For the Most Valuable Builder Program III!


Announcement of MVB III – August 12, 2021

Monthly  Stars (August) –  September 9, 2021

Monthly  Stars (September) –  Oct 14 , 2021

Monthly  Stars (October) –  November 11, 2021

MVB Top Players – November 25,  2021

Phase 1: Announcing MVB Monthly Star

(Live Now)

We will shortlist the eligible projects for August- September-October. BSC Monthly Stars will be announced at the second week of each month.


  • Applicants must register the project in the BUIDL Reward Program
  • The project must be among the most demanded applications in the MVB III.
  • The project is recommended to complete at least one full smart contract audit and host a Bug Bounty Program (self-hosted or with Immunefi)
  • Performance of the project (Daily Active Users, TVL, or  Liquidity) and Community strength (including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.)

Each project in this phase will receive:

  • BSC community support (social media and marketing)
  • Access to MVB Incubation Program (to be announced soon)
  • Discounts for Smart Contract Audits from our partners

Phase 2: Announcing MVB Top Players

(November 2021)

We will further reduce the shortlist from the Monthly Stars of each month to the top projects and announce them as MVB Top Player in November. We will pick a maximum of 10 projects. MVB Top Players will receive significant benefits to boost their development and growth.


  • The MVBs must be a BSC Monthly Star
  • The project must complete at least one full and complex smart contract audit alongside running a bug bounty program.
  • The projects must offer outstanding features on product design and exceptional performance on transactional volume and user base.

MVB Top Player projects will receive:

  • $10,000 MVB  grants
  • Full Audit compensation (up to $10,000BUSD )
  • Potential direct investment opportunities from Binance
  • Potential direct listing opportunity in the Binance Innovation Zone
  • Incubation involvement and access to MVB mentors, including venture capital and investment experts.

Apply Now For the MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang

About MVB Incubation Program

MVB Incubation Program is a new incubator tailored to bootstrap BSC startups and provide them with extra benefits, arguably the most important one – a priceless opportunity for an exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts.

We will share more information about this program soon.

Monthly Stars will get access to leading BSC experts and mentors.

BSC will provide structured weekly/monthly programs and workshops with guest speakers ranging from security, tech, products, investments, operations experts, or university fellows. Monthly Stars will get access to:

  • Workshop and consultation sessions with mentors
  • Product and token economy design
  • Smart contract and development training (e.g.node and infra dev)
  • Dev security and audit training
  • Investment and fundraising with leading venture capitals
  • And more…

Security remains Priority ONE during MVB III

In a continued effort to improve the security of the whole BSC ecosystem, we launched a new joint bounty program on July 26. Priority ONE aims to attract security professionals and white hat hackers with other individuals and organizations to the BSC ecosystem to explore the existing vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Priority ONE incentivizes projects to launch their own bounty programs and rewards those who help us make this fantastic network safer for everyone.

Learn more about the Priority ONE bounty program.

For any MVB-related questions, please contact us at buidl(at)

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