Statement on Twitter Breach

Dear Binancians, 

On July 15, 2020, around 7 PM UTC, a number of Twitter accounts, particularly ones of major figureheads and crypto companies including Binance, were attacked by an unidentified hacker(s). 

This malicious attacker infiltrated its victims’ Twitter accounts by presenting a “partnered” initiative for “CryptoForHealth” to give back “5000 BTC to the community” with a link to donate/send money. Binance has blacklisted all associated wallet addresses for withdrawals of this Twitter hacker, and we are continuing to take swift action in response to stop these scams from spreading. 

The hacker’s wallets are not associated with Binance, and we have blocked Binance wallet addresses from depositing assets into the hacker’s addresses.

To ensure that our community is protected, we urge everyone to NOT click into any posts from “CryptoForHealth” and suspicious Tweets/posts that ask for donations/payments to a crypto/bitcoin address. 

Protecting our users and their security is our highest priority at Binance. Our security team is actively investigating the situation to ensure that our users’ funds are protected (#SAFU). 

Twitter has released a statement on its support account stating that they “are aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter” and are “investigating and taking steps to fix it.” We have confirmed that this Twitter breach was not caused by a vulnerability of Binance’s platform or team members. 

We have regained our Twitter accounts and are pending the unlock of full access for all verified accounts on the Twitter platform. We will notify our community as soon as the restoration process is completed. 

Please take caution and note of our warning to protect yourself. Stay #SAFU. We will continue to take the highest measures to protect our users, their funds, and the community. 

Thank you for the continued support and confidence in our service and commitment to users. a

Binance Security Team

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