Push Protocol Launches on BNB Chain

Push Protocol Launches on BNB Chain

We are thrilled to announce that Push Protocol, a leading decentralized communications protocol for Web3, has now launched on BNB Chain.

This marks an exciting step forward in the advancement of secure, decentralized communications that has the potential to improve user experience and utility across all dApps on chain.

In the world of Web2, a large majority of device, app and platform interactions are powered by notifications. Push Protocol delivers an easy-to-use notifications and messaging communications interface to blockchain networks, bringing this functionality to the world of Web3. Push has already expanded to the Polygon blockchain and this is the next step in its drive towards a multi-chain future, opening its services to an ever wider segment of Web3 users. BNB Chain’s one million daily active users will now be able to use Push Protocol for the first time.

“At BNB Chain, we are thrilled to see Push Protocol’s unwavering commitment to driving mass adoption of Web3 technology,” said Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain. “The expansion of their decentralized communications suite to BNB Chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to the ecosystem through an easy-to-use communications interface, powered by decentralized notifications and messaging.”

We can’t wait to see how BNB Chain dApps will use Push to improve user experience and communication for the BNB Chain community, helping to usher in the next wave of Web3 adoption.