pNetwork’s Ethereum-BSC bridge now live on the Binance Smart Chain

pNetwork's Ethereum-BSC bridge now live on the Binance Smart Chain

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We are excited to announce that pNetwork, a cross-chain composability system that allows assets and Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) to move freely between blockchains, has been successfully integrated on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as our recommended transparent and progressively decentralized cross-chain solution. pNetwork-powered Ethereum to BSC bridge is now available for use by any and all BSC users and Decentralized Applications.

Following the launch of pBTC on BSC, pNetwork has released a new bridge for the Binance Smart Chain, enabling ETH and Ethereum-based tokens to be moved on the BSC.

pNetwork powers the highest number of cross-chain connections in the industry. By integrating with pNetwork, Binance Smart Chain gains the ability to support a large variety of Ethereum-based assets.

At launch, the pNetwork-powered Ethereum-BSC bridge opens up Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem to BSC users and dApps by supporting the cross-chain movement of Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency ETH, pNetwork’s own PNT token, PieDAO’s tokenised portfolios DEFI++ and BCP and Opium Network’s OPIUM token.

pNetwork’s integration withBinance Smart Chain enables anyone to enjoy a fast and cost-efficient environment while maintaining exposure to Ethereum’s DeFi.

ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and the pioneering engine powering the largest dApps ecosystem. PNT is a key element fueling the cross-chain system and jump-starting pNetwork nodes. PieDAO-powered DEFI++ is a tokenised portfolio representing a basket of relevant assets, pooling together both large cap and small cap Etheruem’s DeFi projects and enabling anyone holding it to support and benefit from them. Similarly, BCP is a tokenised portfolio that gives equal exposure to BTC, ETH and DEFI++. OPIUM is at the center of Opium Network, an Ethereum-based protocol that allows for creating, settling, and trading any decentralised derivative.

pNetwork’s   BSC integration sets the basis for closer interoperability between two of the biggest DeFi ecosystems. pBTC, pETH and other pTokens being available on the Binance Smart Chain makes it possible for users to remain exposed to their favourite crypto assets while leveraging BSC’s fast processing and low network fees. At the same time, DeFi applications have more options available when offering stablecoin collateralization, derivatives and lending solutions.

You can get started moving assets across blockchains via the pTokens dApp.

About pNetwork

The pNetwork is the underlying architecture for pTokens, a cross-chain system enabling assets to move frictionlessly from one blockchain to another. Currently, pTokens enable the transparent interaction among major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Litecoin. pNetwork is the progressively decentralized governance layer operating the pTokens bridges and pNetwork Portals. It is home to the pNetwork DAO and the ecosystem’s governance token PNT.

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