opBNB’s New Updates

opBNB’s Recent Updates

As opBNB strives to establish itself as a high-performance and cost-effective Layer 2 chain within the BNB Chain ecosystem, continuous development and improvement of its core infrastructure and tools are crucial.

With a strong focus on scalability, reliability, and user-friendliness, opBNB is dedicated to expanding adoption and utility within the BNB Chain ecosystem. In this article, we will quickly delve into the latest updates that contribute to the adoption of opBNB.

Node Provider: NodeReal

Partnered with NodeReal, a leading scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions provider. With a vast community of over 16,000 developers, NodeReal is committed to supporting the adoption and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem. This collaboration ensures the availability of a robust infrastructure that empowers opBNB’s network and community.

opBNB’s explorer

Now accessible through NodeReal’s platform, providing users with enhanced visibility and transparency into the opBNB ecosystem. Additionally, opBNB Scan offers a user-friendly interface for exploring and analyzing opBNB transactions, addresses, and other pertinent information.

Developer Platforms

To facilitate seamless development and deployment of smart contracts on opBNB, several developer platforms have been integrated:

Truffle: Truffle empowers developers to write scripts and plugins that automate common processes, simplifying interaction with the blockchain. The Truffle console enables direct communication with opBNB, streamlining development workflows.

Foundry: Foundry is a comprehensive smart contract development toolchain that manages dependencies, compiles projects, executes tests, and deploys contracts. Its command-line interface and support for Solidity scripts provide a convenient and efficient development experience.

Hardhat: Focusing on Solidity debugging, Hardhat enhances developer productivity by providing Solidity stack traces, console.log functionality, and explicit error messages for failed transactions. It streamlines the debugging process and aids in identifying and resolving issues quickly.

Remix: The Remix IDE, an integral part of the opBNB developer toolkit, has incorporated an opt-in version of Matomo, an open-source data analytics platform. This integration allows for improved performance and a more insightful development experience.

Wallet Integration

Supports various popular wallets, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users. The supported wallets include MetamaskTrustWalletParticle Network, and MathWallet. These integrations enable seamless interaction and facilitate the management of assets and transactions.


To enhance interoperability and expand the scope of applications, the PolyHedra bridge has been established. This bridge facilitates the seamless transfer of assets and data between opBNB and other compatible networks, enabling cross-chain functionality.

Security Enhancement: AvengerDAO

opBNB recognizes the paramount importance of security for its users. In collaboration with AvengerDAO, a community-based system has been established to protect the BNB Chain ecosystem. AvengerDAO unites all ecosystem partners in their commitment to safeguarding the interests and assets of opBNB’s users, reinforcing confidence and trust in the platform.

The recent updates of opBNB demonstrate its commitment to robust infrastructure, developer-friendly tools, enhanced security measures, and user accessibility. By partnering with industry-leading providers and our community, opBNB is poised to drive innovation and accelerate adoption within the BNB Chain ecosystem.