New Projects on BNB Chain (8th May – 22nd May)

BNB Chain (8th May – 22nd May)

Each week, BNB Chain onboards tons of new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. 🔥

To help you stay in the loop and discover the most intriguing additions, we’ve compiled a comprehensive table below, providing concise descriptions of each remarkable project. We encourage you to explore these projects further and keep a keen eye on those that captivate your interest.

By doing so, you can actively participate in the burgeoning BNB Chain community and witness the transformative power of Web3 firsthand. Remember to check back regularly as we diligently update the table with the latest members of the BNB Chain family! Together, let’s continue to shape and fortify the foundations of Web3.

Twitter Account Project Name Category DescriptionValue Brought to BNB Chain
Cyber TitansCyber TitansGamingStrategy web3 video game in the Auto-Chess genreFirst E-sports game launch on BNB Chain offering high-quality game content for users.
DanceFitDanceFitSocialFiAn AI Short Video Social-Fi Platform – Watch, Dance, and Share. DanceFit will have their NFT assets (which is the main part of the project built on chain) issued on BNB Chain.
BidaoBidaoDeFiUsers can now trade and transfer $BNB on Bidao’s ecosystem!BNB token is now a supported token to be used as collateral within Bidao’s DeFi ecosystem.
zkMakerszkMakersDeFiA decentralized market-making platform that allows inexperienced traders to earn a yield Enables market making to be decentralized, democratized, and community-driven.
FitburnFitburnSocialFiWorld’s First AI-Powered Burn-to-Earn Fitness App!The Fitburn mobile application offers a gamified experience for users to earn rewards while improving their fitness. Users can participate in challenges, track their progress, and earn $CAL tokens by completing fitness goals.
DarticleDarticleSocialFiDecentralized writing platform that allows users to control their content against censorshipWriting is always hindered by censorship. With the power of decentralization, all writers will have their content marked and have proof of ownership. Additionally, writers will earn for the articles they write in cryptocurrencies or fiat. Writers can get jobs and opportunities such as copywriting by joining the community.
PopcornPopcornDeFiYield optimizer with vault strategies funding public goods at no extra cost.Popcorn is a Regenerative Finance yield-optimizing protocol with soul, where protocol fees fund public goods and PopcornDAO’s operations. PopcornDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is responsible for the software development of all smart contracts offered on the dApp (
ShopcekShopcekDeFiShopcek is a web3 e-commerce marketplace.Experience next-gen online commerce with Shopcek, a Web 3.0 marketplace offering lower costs, cryptocurrency adoption, AI-driven personalization, and a progressive decentralization plan for a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.
GPTVerseGPTVerseSocialFiGPTVerse is AI based Metaverse App with Shopping, Education, Organization and P2E PlatformsGptVerse offers AI-powered, seamless shopping, learning, and event experiences in the Metaverse through innovative AI, GPT, and 3D design technologies, revolutionizing the virtual world.
DASSS – RYI UnityDASSS – RYI UnityDeFiA Multi-Chain Decentralized Auto Self-Staking Solution protocolThe DASSS protocol is an advanced self-staking service designed to create staking pools and suites for cryptocurrencies and NFTs for individuals and projects alike.
CrossmintCrossmintInfrastructureCrossmint has built a suite of APIs and tools that enable developers and enterprises to create seamless NFT experiences for their users in minutes instead of months (e.g., buying NFTs with Credit Cards without any wallet creation on the user’s end and receiving NFT on email)  Onboarding web2 companies into web3 (e.g., buying NFTs with Credit Cards without any wallet creation on the user’s end and receiving NFT on email)
Radom NetworkRadom NetworkInfrastructurePayment infrastructure for the decentralized internetEnabling BNB businesses to sell their products and services for crypto without a single line of code

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