Most Valuable Builder Adds Founders First Framework and Extends Application Deadline

Most Valuable Builder Adds Founders First Framework and Extends Application Deadline

We are excited to announce that the application deadline for the 6th season of BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder accelerator program will be extended to the end of February 2023. Moreover, we are pleased to add a new framework for how we evaluate prospective participants.

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Starting this season, MVB’s selection process will emphasize a “Founders First” mentality. We look for strong founders with innovative concepts and this primarily will be the yardstick we will use in evaluating and selecting MVB VI participants.

Secondarily, we have identified eight fundamental themes that we believe will define the future of BNB Chain’s growth. We welcome projects building outside of these areas to also apply.

  1. ZkKYC
  2. Smart Contract Wallet
  3. Decentralized Social Platforms and Infra (including but not limited to social graph, decentralized social networks, DIDs, creator economy dApps)
  4. Derivatives & Structured DeFi Products
  5. Liquid Staking Derivatives
  6. Quality Lending Protocols
  7. Web3 Gaming Infra & Streaming Platforms (to better onboard users and studios to Web3)
  8. NFT Infra & Tools

The above-mentioned themes may be used as a framework for discussion around a potential pivot, if that aligns with a team’s passion or vision.

As noted in our previous post, Who Should Apply to MVB VI, “MVB is stage agnostic and designed for projects across various phases including whitepaper/ideation, MVP, testnet, and mainnet. Regardless of the stage in the development cycle, MVB will provide resources from both Binance Labs and BNB Chain to help accelerate your growth and scale your business.” In short, all projects that will be able to complete a product demo by the end of the program should consider applying.

Learn more about MVB VI: Fit for Flight and apply now!