Key Insights from the ‘opBNB Journeys’ AMA Series

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opBNB has emerged as a high-performance Layer 2 scaling solution within the BNB Chain ecosystem. It is powered by the bedrock version of Optimism OP Stack, designed to offload transaction processing and resource usage from BNB Smart Chain (BSC) while still posting data to the underlying mainnet. 

Since its mainnet launch, the community have been actively exploring new use cases for opBNB, especially given its high performance and low costs.

Recently, we held a series of AMAs focused on opBNB to discuss the evolving landscapes of decentralized finance (DeFi), on-chain gaming, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Let’s dive into the key takeaways from each session.

Benefits of opBNB

opBNB introduces several benefits for both developers and users within the BNB Chain ecosystem. The utilization of the OP Stack further amplifies advantages for developers. Similarly, advancements made by opBNB can benefit the broader OP Stack codebase.

This L2 chain enhances transaction speed, surpassing previous BNB Smart Chain (BSC) limits, while retaining compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a pivotal factor in its initial success. Notably, opBNB seamlessly integrates with BSC, allowing the utilization of ecosystem assets, such as BNB, directly on the opBNB chain.

Building Dynamic Infrastructure for Web3 with opBNB

The “Building Dynamic Infrastructure for Web3 with opBNB” session provided insights into the evolving blockchain technology landscape. Representatives from Binance Oracle, Polyhedra, and Element discussed the role of opBNB in enhancing the BNB Chain ecosystem, focusing on its lower gas fees and higher transaction throughput.

A major topic was the security and trustworthiness of solutions within the opBNB ecosystem. Each project shared their strategies for ensuring security, from on-chain trading protocols to multi-layered verification processes.

The discussion included examples of successful projects and use cases within the opBNB ecosystem, demonstrating the practical applications and benefits of the infrastructure and tools provided.

You can listen to this AMA here

Next Generation of High Speed DeFi on opBNB

The “Next Generation of High-Speed DeFi on opBNB” session was a deep dive into the dynamic world of DeFi. The discussion underscored how platforms like Apollo X, Thena,, and KiloEx are navigating market changes and user needs. 

A pivotal part of the conversation was the comparison between Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge rollups in Layer 2 solutions, highlighting how these technologies are crucial in optimizing transaction costs, speed, and privacy.

The bear market, often seen as a downturn, was discussed as an opportunity for growth and innovation in DeFi. Apollo X’s approach to providing a multi-chain experience was a testament to the industry’s adaptability, catering to the trend of users shifting from centralized to decentralized exchanges. 

You can listen to this AMA here

Build Fully On-Chain Games on opBNB and Greenfield

The session “Building Fully On-Chain Games on opBNB and Greenfield” brought to light the synergistic potential of AI and blockchain technology in gaming. Experts from Xterio (AOD), Hooked, SecondLive, and Cellula shared their visions of AI creating more engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

A significant concern raised was the centralization of AI technology, with fears of innovation being stifled by a few dominant players. This highlighted the importance of decentralization in AI, ensuring that its benefits are accessible to all.

Blockchain’s potential in enhancing data security and user ownership in AI-driven applications was a focal point. The integration of blockchain ensures that user data remains secure and under user control, which is crucial in building trust and promoting ethical data practices.

You can listen to this AMA here!

New Opportunities Involving Web3 and AI

“New Opportunities Involving Web3 and AI” was a foray into how these technologies are reshaping various sectors. The integration of decentralized storage solutions like Greenfield with AI is crucial for managing the vast data generated by AI applications, ensuring security and efficiency.

The importance of data security and transparency in AI-driven applications was emphasized, with blockchain playing a key role in managing AI-generated content. This integration is expected to impact sectors like financial services, education, and employment, enhancing data security and decision-making processes.

Our session also touched upon the creator economy, highlighting how AI can enhance human productivity and creativity. Blockchain’s role in authenticating the uniqueness of AI-generated assets fosters a sustainable ecosystem for creators.

You can listen to this AMA here


Our AMA series provided a comprehensive overview of the current state and future potential of DeFi, gaming, and Web3. As the industry continues to evolve, the integration of AI, blockchain, and advanced technological solutions like opBNB, is set to redefine our digital interactions, making them more secure, efficient, and user-centric.

The sessions not only offered a deep dive into current projects and their impact but also presented a vision of a more interconnected and efficient blockchain future.

Stay connected and explore the future as it unfolds in the realms of DeFi, gaming, and Web3!