Join us for the #MVBIII Monthly Stars September Expo

Join us for the #MVBIII Monthly Stars September Expo

On October 15, we announced the Monthly Stars for September in the #MVBIII program. These 12 projects placed among the best performing projects over the month of September, and we want you to get to know them a little better.

We teamed up with the Monthly Stars for September to bring you 6 days packed with giveaways, live streams, and special events. You will get a chance to participate in 5 social media giveaways, 2 live streams with all winners, and 4 special events.

Social Media Giveaways – $25,000 in prizes

Together with Kine, Mars Ecosystem, O3 Swap, Radio Caca, and Thetan Arena, we’ll bring you 5 giveaways starting with Kine on November 4 and ending with Thetan on November 8.

These giveaways will be live on Binance Smart Chain Twitter, so make sure to follow us.

  • November 4 – Kine
  • November 5 – Mars Ecosystem
  • November 6 – O3 Swap
  • November 7 – Radio Caca
  • November 8 – Thetan Arena

#MVBIII Monthly Stars September Expo

On November 3 and 4, we’ll be online on our Youtube, Twitter, and via Binance Live, talking to 12 winners of #MVBIII Monthly Stars September.

DeFi Session hosted by Simran Alphonso, BSC Community Coordinator

November 3 at 13:00 UTC

Join us for a live session with 6 DeFi-focused projects – Kine, Mars Ecosystem, MCDEX, O3 Swap, OpenOcean, and Woo Network

Metaverse, GameFi & Infra Session hosted by Julian Tan, BSC Ecosystem Coordinator

November 4 at 13:00 UTC

Join us for a live session with 7 projects focused on Metaverse, GameFi, and Infrastructure – ZOO Crypto World, Radio Caca, Thetan Arena, Bunicorn, MixMarvel, and Treasureland

Do you have a question for our guests? Submit your question via this form and get it answered during the live streams. We will reward some of you with a share of $500.

Specials Events for you by the Monthly Stars September

MCDEX Delivery Airdrop – $10,000 Rewards for Eligible Users.

November 3, 0:01 UTC – November 10, 23:59 UTC

MCDEX is the first fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX’s revolutionary AMM technology.

During the campaign, the first 200 eligible users who open a position of more than $500 on MCDEX can claim $50 rewards each. The rewards will be distributed to the participating users’ addresses by November 17, 23:59 UTC.

Click here for full details.

BSC X Mars Ecosystem – Stake XMS earn BNB, BTCB, ETH, CAKE

November 8, 0:01 UTC — November 15 23:59 UTC

Mars Ecosystem is building an open and decentralized finance protocol with its own algo-stablecoin.

Be one of the first 100 users to stake more than $1000 XMS in Mars Ecosystem’s BNB, BTCB, ETH, CAKE Pool and hold your stake for at least 14 days to win $200 worth of XMS (Mars Ecosystem’s reward token) — the total prize pool is equal to $20,000

Click here for full details.

OpenOcean OOE Trading Competition – $ 20,000 worth of OOE for grabs

November 4, 13:00 UTC – November 11, 13:00 UTC

OpenOcean is the entrance for one-stop crypto trading on DEXes and CEXes.

Each user that trades 500 OOE or more in effective trading volume on OpenOcean during the campaign period in any eligible OOE trading pair will share a prize pool of $20,000 in OOE tokens. The total prize pool will be divided equally among qualified users according to the number of qualified participants.

Click here for full details.

BSC X Kine Protocol– KINE Staking Campaign

November 5, 0:01 UTC – November 12, 23:59 UTC

Kine is a decentralized exchange with staking on chain, and 0 gas fee ,0 slippage for derivative trading across ETH, BSC and Polygon.

Buy KINE via swaps on BSC  and stake no less than 10 KINE token on Kine Protocol will be eligible to split the $20,000 equivalent KINE.

Click here for full details.

Radio Caca – Claim USM with BMBMUSK and BMBRACA NFT and share 15 million RACA

November 6, 0:01 UTC – November 11, 23:59 UTC

Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse.

Activity Description:

  • The first 100 users who claim their Rare Metamon with the BMBRACA Rare Metamon will get 1000 RACA for the first day consumption in the BSC Metamon game. We will airdrop the RACA directly according to records on the chain.
  • All users who claimed a real Black Diamond Box and Kiss-up Dog NFT with BMBMUSK NFT will also get 1 Baby Kiss-up Dog NFT plus 1000 RACA per each NFT as a bonus. The rewards will be issued to the BSC wallet address within 14 days after the event ends.

Click here for full details.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that BSC is not responsible for your trading losses.

Note: BSC reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

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