Five More BNB Use Cases: Play, Shop, Eat, and More

Less than a month after we wrote about recent use cases for BNB, we are adding some more ways that you can use the native token of Binance.

1. Play games at BPLAY

BPLAY is a new web-based gaming platform that enables gamers to access and play games with multiple types of cryptocurrencies on mobile and desktop devices. They are working with Binance, which has signed on as a partner for the gaming platform. 

Through this collaboration, BPLAY will accept member registrations through Binance accounts and allow off-chain transactions for instant fund transfer of crypto tokens, including BNB, from a Binance Wallet to a BPLAY wallet. 

BPLAY and Binance are also exploring future collaborations to build the crypto and gaming ecosystem, including potential co-sponsoring of events and finding new uses for BNB.

2. Pay with BNB on ivendPay vending machines

One of our Binancians spotted this screen on a vending machine in Hong Kong. As shown in the picture below (credits to @krabhishek1984 on Twitter), you can buy items on vending machines that are powered by ivendPay.

3. Pay for smart contracts on MyWish

MyWish is an online platform that lets you request for the creation of a smart contract without having to learn how to code. Through MyWish, you fill in a form to describe the smart contract you want and pay using cryptocurrencies for it. The first purchase on the MyWish platform using BNB was recorded in 2018. Two years after, payments using BNB has surpassed payments made in BTC.

4. Shop in lots of stores in Latin America

We’re pushing for the global use of BNB. This means that we pursue partnerships with companies from around the world that help us achieve this goal. One of these valued partners is Cryptobuyer, a company that offers payment solutions in countries like Panama, Venezuela, and Chile.

With Cryptobuyer, you can pay with BNB when you shop in stores such as Traki, phone stores such as Samsung Experience Stores, pharmacies such as Farmarato, and more. 

5. Eat at Burger King in Venezuela

Venezuela is fast becoming a showcase on how cryptocurrencies can be used for everyday life. It has come to the extent that paying with BNB is as easy as eating a Whopper at Burger King. 

Thanks to our partnerships, including with payment solutions such as Cryptobuyer, you can grab a meal at Burger King and pay with BNB. Prefer a different dish? You can eat at Willy’s Burger instead, or even at Buddha Bar if you’re feeling a bit fancy. All of this is possible in Venezuela.

Also, you can buy BNB anytime on Binance!