DAU Incentive Program: December Results

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We’re excited to announce the results of December’s DAU Incentive Program. This monthly initiative rewards projects from a prize pool of up to $200,000. For December, the prize pool, totalling $135,000, was generated from the accumulated gas fees of participating projects..

We ranked the participating projects based on their average DAU for December.

The $135,000 prize pool was distributed among the top five projects based on their ranking:

RankPercentage of Prize Pool

Here’s how the $135,000 (or 434.38 BNB) from the prize pool was allocated:

RankProjectRewards Allocated
1Nine Chronicles194.12 BNB
2Gaimin107.84 BNB
3EVM.ink67.71 BNB
4World of Dypians43.14 BNB
5Bitswap21.57 BNB

Track the progress of January’s participants or apply to join the DAU Incentive Program here.