Celebrate Binance Academy’s Sophomore Year With a $1,000 BTC Giveaway!

Since its beta launch two years ago, Binance Academy has quickly grown to become a trustworthy and reliable source for those seeking a crypto education. Join us in celebrating Binance Academy’s two-year anniversary with a special quiz promo!

 Over the past two years, Binance Academy has provided free, high-quality crypto education and information to all. With each year, we move closer to our goal of becoming the most comprehensive learning portal within the cryptocurrency space. 

As of today, the team behind Binance Academy has published over 200 long-form articles, in addition to more than 250 glossary terms. The team has also launched several video lessons to accompany select articles, as well as audio versions of just about every article.

What Makes Year Two Different

During Binance Academy’s freshman year, the team focused on creating as much content as possible. The second year was dedicated to helping users learn more effectively.

Currently, Binance Academy is undergoing a full UX and UI revamp, with the aim of putting education into the hands of as many people as possible, while ensuring their experience remains enjoyable.

During Year 2, we also completed our migration to Binance.com, further integrating our rich content with Binance.com’s reach as a leading global exchange platform. 

In addition, we engaged further with the crypto community through weekly quiz promos on social media, cementing the message that it pays to gain wisdom in crypto and blockchain. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we rose to the occasion and launched virtual webinars with detailed lessons on various crypto topics, giving learning opportunities to people around the world, even during lockdowns.

What’s Ahead for Year Three

Now that we’re about to enter our junior year, we want to be able to offer more to our users. Here are just a few of the features we are considering for the near future for Binance Academy.

– Customizable Profiles. Keep track of what you’ve already learned, earn badges, and customize your Academy experience based on your knowledge and interests.

– Refreshed Design. We want to respond to the constructive feedback we got over the past year and further enhance the user experience for everyone who learns through our platform.

– Ask Academy 2.0. In its first iteration, we let out users ask us what they want to know about crypto. We got some exciting new ideas for this feature, which we’ll keep under wraps for now.

We want to thank all of the people who made Binance Academy possible, especially to the individuals and communities who helped build and spread the word about the humble educational hub we call home. To express our gratitude, we offer you…

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– Binance Academy Team