BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Experiences Transaction All Time High; Highlighting the Network’s Stability and Capacity December 7, 2023

BNB Smart Chain Transaction ATH

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  • December 7 saw BSC more than double its existing all time high (ATH) record with more than 32M transactions
  • The BSC gas price remained stable during the period of heightened transactions
  • The surge saw BSC undergo rigorous performance testing, with 2K TPS being processed at the peak time

On December 7, 2023, BNB Chain’s L1 BNB Smart Chain (BSC) experienced its all time high (ATH) for transactions. Transactions exceeded 32 million for the day. More than 7M of the 9.5M daily transactions were attributed to inscription minting transactions on BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

During the ATH, gas prices on BSC did not fluctuate and remained stable at 3 gwei. Block sizes reached 100% due to the increased demand and the network went through a rigorous real-world stress test, processing 2,000 TPS at the peak. 

BSC Gas Price

The majority of the critical infrastructure relating to BNB Chain scaled up and handled the surge well. BSC is continuing  to work with explorer BscScan to improve performance, increase stability and maintain continuous communication with the community. 

BSC’s very large block size is what allows it to handle spikes in traffic smoothly while maintaining a stable gas price. On November 22, with TPS at around 200, the usage of the block was only at around 15-20%, meaning that the network still had plenty of space left to handle further traffic. 

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