BNB Chain’s TVL Incentive Program: Phase 1 Results

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BNB Chain’s TVL Incentive Program was designed to motivate DeFi projects to boost their Total Value Locked (TVL) on opBNB. Now that phase one has concluded, the 3 projects with the highest “incremental TVL” during the event period win rewards from a prize pool.

Incremental TVL is determined via the following calculation:

Incremental TVL = (Average daily TVL for the last 7 days of the event epoch) – (baseline TVL)

Where baseline TVL = The project’s daily average TVL for the 7 days leading up to the official event announcement

The total prize pool for the first epoch is 160,000 USD. With the projects ranked based on their TVL growth during the event period, the prize pool distribution is confirmed as below:

  • First place: 60%
  • Second place: 30%
  • Third place: 10%

Here are the winners from the first phase of the BNB Chain TVL Incentive Program:

ProjectIncremental TVLRewards

Congratulations to KiloEx, Thena and ApolloX for this outstanding achievement! 🏆

Stay tuned for the second phase of the program!