BNB Chain’s Project Spotlight Campaign Returns!

BNB Chain's Project Spotlight Campaign Returns!

We’re excited to announce a new BNB Chain Project Spotlight series. This initiative will introduce our community to innovative up-and-coming projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem via Learn & Earn, Demo Videos, Web3 Stories and AMAs.

Read ahead to meet our featured projects!

The first three projects featured in the BNB Chain Project Spotlight will be PIPMagic Square, and Ultiverse.


PIP is shaping the future of payments with a fully integrated suite of Web3 payment products. Users will be able to send and receive money on their favorite social platforms, and get paid instantly directly to your wallet. The PIP button allows anyone to embed crypto payment buttons on their website and PIP.ME is the easiest way to display links, social profiles and NFTs, as well as collect payments and monetize content.

PIP aims to bridge Web2 and Web3 to give individuals the ability to monetize and transact value across platforms and around the world.  

Learn more about PIP.

Magic Square

The Magic Store is a Web3 App Store solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes Web3 dApps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize participation and engagement of users and validators.  Magic Square’s DeFi Bundles allow users to stake and trade crypto across all networks, on any chain.

Users can earn SQR tokens by voting on new apps applying to the Magic Store and participating in contests and competitions in the Beta Rewards Hub. And, project developers can easily grow their user base with the Magic Store and Magic Boost.

Learn more about Magic Square.


Ultiverse is building a social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive VR compatible virtual world. Ultiverse’s integrated platform brings together social experiences, AAA gaming, access to DeFi and DEXs, a DAO, a sub-DAO, and so much more.

Within the Ultiverse virtual world, players can import their own NFTs from other chains and utilize personal art galleries to display them and even sell their NFTs; host self-owned NFT parties; and even organize player battles to show off weapons and skills. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

Go to the DappBay campaign page to participate in BNB Chain Project Spotlight!

Learn & Earn

On February 14, users can go to the DappBay campaign page to read articles of featured BNB Chain projects and then take quizzes about what they’ve learned. Once complete, users will be eligible to mint an Edition #1 NFT on the Galxe platform, giving them a chance to share in a $750 prize pool and gain exclusive access to our next campaign “Web3 in 2050.”

The Learn & Earn campaign will be open from February 14 (12pm UTC) to March 14 (12pm UTC).

Demo Videos

Featured projects in the BNB Chain Project Spotlight will publish demo videos on how to use their dApps on the DappBay campaign page for users to better understand the mechanics and utility of these innovative applications. BNB Chain will also publish videos on this page giving greater detail on why these projects were chosen for the BNB Chain Project Spotlight initiative.


On February 14, BNB Project Spotlight will host AMAs between featured projects and the BNB Chain team, BSC.News, and BSC.Daily, giving participants greater insight into the value these projects bring to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Web3 in 2050

From March 1 to March 14, BNB Project Spotlight will introduce Web3 Stories. Here, projects can imagine what their products and services look like and how they will impact people’s lives and work in the year 2050. Users will be able to vote for the most interesting story and be eligible to win 10 BUSD (with 100 winners).