BNB Chain Welcomes Seedify to Help Fuel Web3 Gaming Growth

BNB Chain Welcomes Seedify to Help Fuel Web3 Gaming Growth

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Seedify, a leading blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad with more than 50 projects launched and the highest average ROI in the industry.

BNB Chain and Seedify will work together to unify the Web3 gaming ecosystem and create exciting opportunities for Web3 gaming projects.


BNB Chain will support Seedify hackathons to find the best Web3 gaming talent, focusing on projects that have, or are in the process of building, playable games. These hackathons will require extensive community participation. Winners will be admitted into a Seedify incubation cycle and be eligible to receive growth support from BNB Chain.


BNB Chain will work collaboratively with Seedify to carry out new and innovative research focusing on the current state of the Web3 gaming ecosystem, and to co-publish articles reflecting our findings. This research will then be integrated into a report for the benefit of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.


BNB Chain and Seedify will collaborate to source and allocate potential deal opportunities between our organizations with the hope that Seedify may become a preferred incubator and launchpad for BNB Chain.


BNB Chain will evaluate projects successfully incubated on Seedify for a potential grant up to $50K under a new Seedify Growth Partnership Program.

Ecosystem Support

BNB Chain has a number of programs already in place to facilitate the growth and development of Web3 gaming companies. From accelerators to grants to industry connections, marketing support and development assistance, BNB Chain will bring the full scope of its capabilities in helping Web3 companies progress to our partnership with Seedify.

We are excited about the future of Web3 gaming and look forward to great work ahead with Seedify!