BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (Jan 27-Feb 2)

BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (Jan 27-Feb 2)

This week, we proudly announced BNB Greenfield: decentralized storage infrastructure within the broader BNB Chain ecosystem. It’s a huge step forward for our blockchain’s capability, so make sure to learn more at the links below!

As always, you’ll find plenty of other exciting news in the Weekly Ecosystem Report. We’re especially hyped about the Ultra Music Festival in Abu Dhabi, where innovative NFT tickets will be used to gain entry. Don’t miss our February 2023 events calendar, and make sure to RSVP to meetups in your local area.

We’ve also revamped the BNB Chain LinkedIn, making it the perfect destination for Web3 professionals. Read ahead for tons more updates, news, and announcements! 🏆

BNB Chain Key Data Highlight 📈

Major Announcements 🔥

• BNB Greenfield: A New Standard in Web3 Data Ownership and Utility
• BNB Chain & Fellaz Bring NFT Ticketing to Ultra Music Festival in Abu Dhabi
• MVB6 Extends Application Deadline

Ecosystem Highlights 🌏

• Game Jam Developer Challenge: Registrations Open Now
• Learn More About BNB Greenfield
• Tournament with Ultimate Champs Begins

Recent Events 📆

🇮🇳 BNB Chain Brunch with Developers – Indore, India – 2023-01-28

🇻🇳 BNB Chain Innovation Meetup – Vietnam – 2023-01-29

🇰🇿 Digital Almaty, Binance/BNB Chain Panel – Almaty, Kazakstan – 2023-02-02

Upcoming Events 📅

🇮🇱 Innovation Meetup with Kirobo – Tel Aviv, Israel – 2023-02-05

🇭🇰 AWS Web3 Workshop – Hong Kong – 2023-02-08

🇹🇷 Istanbul Fintech Week – Istanbul, Turkey – 2023-02-08 -09

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