BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (Feb 10-Feb 16)

BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (Feb 10-Feb 16)

Another whirlwind week at BNB Chain, let’s get you caught up! 😤

This week, we announced Zero to Hero: BNB Chain Builder Series. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to become a Web3 developer – or improve on your current skills. BNB Chain is also committed to supporting women in Web3, and we proudly announced the Wonder Women of Web3 mentorship program.

But that’s not all! Make sure to check out our new series of Web3 Mastery Workshops. And if you’re in the mood to party, make sure to enter our competition for discounted NFT tickets for the Ultra Music Festival.

BNB Chain Key Data Highlights 📈

Major Announcements 🔥

• BNB Chain Unveils 2023 Tech Roadmap
• From Zero to Blockchain Hero: BNB Chain Builder Series
• BNB Chain Announces Program to Empower Women in Web3
• New Web3 Mastery Workshops With BNB Chain

Ecosystem Highlights 🌏

• Win Discounted NFT Tickets to Ultra Music Festival
• Push Protocol Launches on BNB Chain
• BNB Chain Builder Grant Names January Winners

Monthly Star Progress ⭐

Recent Events 📆

🇳🇬 Innovation Meetup – University of Benin, Nigeria – 2023-02-11
🇸🇬 BNB Greenfield with NodeReal – Singapore – 2023-02-16

Upcoming Events 📅

🇺🇸 Stanford Tree Hack – Stanford, CA – 2023-02-17
🇮🇳 Innovation Workshop – India – 2023-02-19
🇻🇳 Tech-Ed Program – Vietnam – 2023-02-22
🇮🇩 Innovation Meetup – Jakarta – 2023-02-23
🇫🇷 Innovation Meetup – France – 2023-02-23
🇺🇸 ETH Denver – Denver, CO – 2023-02-24