BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (30 Dec – 5 Jan)

BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (30 Dec - 5 Jan)

Happy New Year, BNB Chain gang! 🎉

We’ve got TONS in store this year, from amazing product rollouts, new partnerships, and plenty of exciting development progress. While many relaxed over the holiday period, BNB Chain hustled along. The blockchain never sleeps, after all. 👀

Read ahead to catch up on the latest announcements from our team. You’ll find interviews with our Monthly Stars: Hooked and NFTScan. Plus, make sure to read up on Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT Marketplace integrating with BNB Chain!

BNB Chain Key Data Highlight 📈

Major Announcements 🔥

• Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT Marketplace Expand to BNB Chain
• The BNB Chain Creators Collective Channel is here!
• Vote for the BNB Chain Debate Competition until January 11th
• Winners Announced for the BNB Chain Content Creation Challenge

Ecosystem Highlights 🌏

• Discover a Universe of NFTs with NFTScan!
• Web3 Users ‘Hooked‘ on GameFi Project
• Congratulations to our BNB Chain Innovation Hackathon Winners

Monthly Star Progress ⭐

Upcoming Events 📅

🇹🇷 // Web3 Developer Summit Istanbul 2023 // 2023-01-07

🇮🇱 // Blockchain B7 – YAZAMUT 360  // 2023-01-09

🇸🇬 // Lunar New Year Singapore Meetup // 2023-01-13

Recent Events 📆

🇰🇷 Dec. 16th-19th: Seoul Innovation Hackathon

🇹🇼 Dec. 16th: BNB Chain Innovation Meetup Taiwan

🇹🇷 Dec. 22nd-25th: Istanbul Blockchain Expo

🇰🇿 Dec. 24th-25th: Kazakhstan