BNB Chain Spotlight: Zebec

BNB Chain Spotlight: Zebec

Payroll Perfected with Zebec!

As we finish up our interview series for the Project Spotlight class of 2022, Zebec is closing things out on a high note. It’s a continuous settlement protocol that allows users to be paid in real time for their work. That means no more waiting until the end of the month for your hard-earned money! Read ahead to learn more.

Describe Zebec for those unfamiliar with it. What’s your vision and mission?

Zebec is a multi-chain (Solana and BNB) continuous settlement protocol. It introduces streaming finance technology, provides an easy to use Multi-sig Treasury Management app for projects to safely manage assets, as well as Per-Second token distribution and vesting services.

Around the world, cryptocurrencies are being adopted at a rapid pace. We are helping to create a future where where money is able to move more freely; giving individuals, businesses, investors and teams faster and easier access to funds and tokens.

When was the idea behind Zebec and what led to it?

The idea behind Zebec was started based around payroll. In the US, 60% of people live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. These paychecks are usually sent every 2 weeks by the employer. This has always been instilled in the workforce in the US and has never really changed. It’s just the way the world works.

With the introduction of Blockchain technology, this is something that can be changed. Now, people can receive their wages as they work on a per-second basis, and can withdraw their funds at any time they please! That’s how Zebec came about.

Tell us about your team’s background.

Our team is a worldwide team composed of different technical and cultural backgrounds. Zebec’s CEO Sam Thapaliya has a technical and entrepreneurial background, where he has 4 AI patents and has been in the blockchain and Web3 industry for over 5 years.

The rest of the team has strong business development, sales, Merger and Acquisition, and technical backgrounds all over the world, everybody with one goal in mind – to change the way people get paid!

What are the main advantages of Zebec for users, compared to a similar project from a mainstream financial market?

The main advantage for Zebec users is the ability to get paid as they work. Usually in the mainstream financial market, people get paid every 2 weeks or once a month. This leads to people waiting to receive their hard earned money.

With Zebec, as people work, they receive their wages. Not only that, they are also able to access those wages at any time! This can improve people’s saving patterns, spending patterns, and live life without having to wait for their wages.

What is the security strategy of your project?

Zebec is audited by the top major security firms in the industry Certik, Bramah Systems and Trail of Bits. Zebec also has a team that makes sure all funds stored on Zebec are safe and protecting all assets 24/7.

Let’s say I want to start using Zebec. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

Anybody looking for guides on how to use Zebec can go to our website and go to our Docs page.

Why did you decide to build on the BNB Chain?

Zebec decided to build on BNB Chain because of its vibrant ecosystem. There was a lot of demand coming from BNB Chain for a continuous settlement product and we decided to expand. The fast transaction speeds and low gas fees work very well with the payment solution we are trying to build.

What’s your impression of developing on BNB Chain so far?

Working on BNB Chain so far has been a great experience. The support of other projects to help out is amazing and the BNB chain team has been a pleasure to work with providing our team with constant support and opportunities to grow in the ecosystem.

Finally, in one or two sentences, what makes you most excited about the future of Zebec?

Zebec is creating this whole ecosystem revolving the concept of continuous settlement / streaming finance. From the Zebec Dapp, to the Zebec Card, to acquiring a Payroll company, building its own blockchain, etc. All in all, this makes for the perfect solution for payments out there and we plan to eventually expand and take over Web2.

Whenever someone thinks of payroll or payments in crypto from employers to employees, regardless of Web2 or Web3, we want people to think of Zebec first!