BNB Chain Spotlight: Superpower Squad

BNB Chain Spotlight: Superpower Squad

Become a Web3 Superhero on BNB Chain!

We’re huge fans of GameFi at BNB Chain, and lately the team is hooked on Superpower Squad. It’s a squad-based mobile shooter that lets players realize their dream of becoming a badass super hero – all on the blockchain! Read ahead to learn more from this fascinating interview with their team.

Describe Superpower Squad for those unfamiliar with it. What’s your vision and mission?

Superpower Squad is a superhero-themed mobile shooter built on the BNB Sidechain. It is a fast, fun and and competitive gaming experience.

We are onboarding the next millions of traditional gamers through our knowledge-free contract wallet and building a unique SPS gaming culture with the upcoming User Generated Content(UGC) mode.

When was the idea behind Superpower Squad born and what led to it?

Started in 2019 by a team of passionate game developers, Superpower Squad was an ambitious mobile game built to close the gap between Battle Royale and casual games.

Drawing inspiration from classical tales and world cultures, the team wanted to enable a superhero story in every player where they gather squads to battle the unknown.

In 2021, the design studio met with native crypto partners to realize the game’s potential in the Web3 world. As the values of the two teams align, Superpower Squad takes on the mission to lead the GameFi market with quality gameplay and mass on-ramp solution.

Tell us about your team’s background.

The Superpower Squad team has 42 members, with 31 in game/blockchain development and 11 in Community, Marketing, and BD. The game developers and CTO Pony Zhang have worked together for 6 years with them each having 10 years of experience in game production.

Our CEO Greg Gopman is a tech entrepreneur and has been building various startups and crypto companies for 15 years. He’s best known for co-founding the Akash Network, AngelHack, and helping projects like Kadena grow to new heights.

CTO Pony Zhang produced the MMORPG JX Online 3 with 3.3 million DAU at Seasun Studio. He has also worked alongside the CEO of Xiao Mi and led the production of the record-breaking title Qiang Hun. In 2018, he started his own company to produce various web and mobile games that all attracted favorable venture backings.

What are the main advantages of Superpower Squad for users, compared to a similar project from a mainstream financial market?

Superpower Squad is a fast and competitive game. We are much more accessible compared to our competitors’ MOBA/Battle Royale games from the mainstream financial market that tend to be long and time-consuming. Users can fit in a few matches anytime during the day.

The incentives for our players are high considering they only have to play a few good rounds to start earning, and this gives drive and stickiness to our user base. We are also holding seasonal tournaments with guilds and eSport teams to further drive the community’s enthusiasm for playing for the sake of the game’s competitive nature.

All the NFT digital assets within the game can be fully owned by the users and can be rented or sold to other users, translating to tangible earnings in cryptocurrencies. By having an easy-to-use UX/UI design, and an in-app wallet/purchase/marketplace, we lower the requirements from traditional gamers to start playing our game.

Additionally, we haven’t seen any mobile Battle Royale on the market with a UGC tool. This and our SuperDao system will further help progressing in user autonomy and enable true decentralization in the gaming world. When it comes to building a top project, we believe in the power of community effort.

What is the security strategy of your project?

All of our smart contracts are successfully audited by Certik and deployed through Celer in December 2022. Users can perform cross-chain actions knowing that they are safeguarded by industry-trusted partners.

Let’s say I want to start playing Superpower Squad. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

You can start playing Superpower Squad by downloading them from the IOS Appstore and Google Play store.

Players with no blockchain knowledge can register an account through an email address with our contract wallet. Seasoned players also have the option to import their wallet.

Project info and player’s guide can be found in our whitepaper:

Why did you decide to build on the BNB Chain?

We chose the BNB Chain because we believe it to be the strongest chain for gaming currently. With zero downtime in history and the fast speed on the L2 sidechain, we could really scale and provide low gas fees to our users.

We were also excited to join the ecosystem and work with partners that build high-quality projects.  

What’s your impression of developing on the BNB Chain so far?

From hosting an offline tournament to the development experience, the team is impressed with the vast opportunities BNB Chain is offering to good projects. We see there’s a will and passion to push decentralization to the general public and it’s been a pleasure to work with a top blockchain that shares the same values.

Major Events in 2023

2023 Q1: Begin Ad Campaigns

2023 Q2: Series A Growth Fundraising

2023 Q3: Home System and Betting Launch

2023 Q4: UGC Metacube Launch

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What can you share about your tokenomic model?

The Superpower Squad tokens $SQUAD and $ECG are live.

$SQUAD is our governance token, which can be staked to earn $VSQUAD and voting rights. It is an essential consumption for in-game item synthesis and upgrade.

$ECG is our utility token. Users can purchase mystery boxes; upgrade and synthesize in-game items. It has a stable price of $0.01.

Our tokenomics employs a sustainable vesting schedule, consistent with our game economics, which distributes $ECG on a skill-to-earn basis. Users are encouraged to practice and be good at the game to win, as well as making good strategies with their NFT equipment.

Are you planning any upcoming events?

Besides our ongoing tournaments with the Yield Games Guild and new game modes, our 2023 Winter Championship started this week and will run throughout January.

The Home system, Betting System, and UGC mode is coming in the second half of the year. We are also planning events with some CEXs which we hope to share soon!

Finally, in one or two sentences, what makes you most excited about the future of Superpower Squad?

I can’t wait to see groups of highly skilled players competing in our upcoming tournaments.  Also excited to try the new heroes, skins and game modes from our dev team, and the NFT maps created by our users!