BNB Chain Introduces New Ecosystem Bounty Board

BNB Chain Introduces New Ecosystem Bounty Board

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new Ecosystem Bounty Board that gives our community the opportunity to both engage and contribute to the development of BNB Chain.

Now, developers, students and researchers will be able to help us actively push the BNB Chain ecosystem forward, earn rewards for their contributions, and be part of a decentralized movement of builders and contributors earning and working together on BNB Chain.

The BNB Chain team will post bounties on the new Ecosystem Bounty Board – tasks such as developing, marketing, content writing and more – that any developer or contributor in the ecosystem can pick up and complete, further enhancing the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Each individual task will be tagged with its requirements and its bounty value. Developers and contributors can apply for these tasks and a BNB Chain bounty reviewer will select which contributor to assign the task to. The value of the bounty will vary based on the difficulty of the task and be paid out in BNB.

The first batch of tasks will focus on boilerplates, creating an essential backbone for building DeFi, NFT, Infra and even mobile applications on BNB Chain. Boilerplates are an effective way of allowing developers to jumpstart their building journey and encourage more Web3 development. As we scale the Ecosystem Bounty program, we intend to invite BNB Chain projects to tap the ecosystem of developers and contributors with their own tasks and bounties to incentivize the building and development of their dApps and ecosystems.

To stay notified of the latest bounties being posted on the Ecosystem Bounty Board, join our discord channel and select the role “Bounty Hunter” to gain access to the Ecosystem Bounties channels.

BNB Chain is a living, breathing ecosystem that is powered by our community. We are excited to work together to help bring BNB Chain to the next level.