BNB Chain Hackathon 2024 – Calling All Developers!

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Welcome to the BNB Chain Hackathon 2024: a hub of innovation where blockchain technology meets fresh creative ideas.

Kicking off the new year, we’re excited to announce the “Building Smart and Fully-On-Chain Applications” hackathon. This event offers a great opportunity to explore the world of decentralized applications.

Apply today and immerse yourself in a dynamic space where innovative minds and blockchain technology come together to create exciting real-world change!

How to Participate

Our objective is to bring more native projects into the thriving BNB Chain ecosystem. We are committed to enhancing the visibility of BNB Chain among developers, continuously providing educational opportunities about opBNB, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), and BNB Greenfield.

Participating in the hackathon is easy. Simply register for the hackathon, mark your calendars, and prepare to showcase your creativity and technical prowess. 

Apply here.

For more detailed information, check out the early guide on DoraHack’s platform. Also, watch for our soon-to-be-launched webpage, which will offer more information and regular updates.

Important dates:

  • Registration period: January 18 – February 1, 2024
  • Workshop datesJanuary 18January 19, January 22, January 24, January 29, January 31, and February 1, 2024
  • Submission period: February 8 – 22, 2024
  • Winners announced: March 1, 2024

$475K in Total Prizes

In the upcoming “Building Smart and Fully On-Chain Applications” hackathon, participants will vie for a share of a $475,000 total prize pool. This includes:

  • BNB Chain main challenge track pool: $60,000 in total prizes for the top contenders.
  • Exclusive kickstart packages: Winners will receive packages valued at $50,000 each, providing essential development services and tools.
  • Additional rewards from the sponsor’s challenge track: Compete for an extra prize pool of up to $115,500.


Top 11$15,000
Top 22$10,000
Top 33$5,000
Potential Award$10,000 distributed between all qualifying submissions

Submission Requirements

  • Your work must be deployed on or linked to BNB Greenfield, opBNB, or BSC.
  • All submissions must be open-source and freely accessible.
  • Share your work through GitHub, planning documents, and a brief video.
  • The contract addresses should record at least two successful transactions during the hackathon.
  • Projects must be newly developed for this hackathon to guarantee fairness.
  • Participants are required to tweet about their project using #BuildonBNBChain and tag the relevant challenge they are entering.

Diverse Challenge Tracks 

These hackathon tracks were chosen because they are important areas in the Web3 space, especially for their potential in 2024. This highlights their role as key trends shaping the industry’s future. 

Choose your path, or better yet, explore them all! The hackathon features six dynamic tracks, each presenting unique challenges:

AI Track

Challenge 1: AI Generative Content Ledger

Infrastructure Track

Challenge 2: Empowering opBNB with Advanced Analytics Support

Gaming Track

Challenge 3: opBNB On-chain Game

DePIN Track 

Challenge 4: Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks with BNB Chain 

DeSoc Track 

Challenge 5: Decentralized Social Network

DeSci Track

Challenge 6: Decentralized Science

For more information on each challenge track, please refer to our guide here.

Besides the main challenges, extra tracks sponsored by our hackathon partners will also be available with a total prize pool of $115,500. These sponsored tracks are:

  • The Next Popular Asset Protocol for BNB Chain (
  • Unlocking the Power of Plugins (THENA)
  • zkBridge for opBNB and BSC (Polyhedra)
  • Establish or Design a BNB Chain-IBC Channel(Dorafactory)

These additional themes provide a broader scope for creativity and innovation across various topics. Check out the sponsors’ challenge track details here!

We express our sincere gratitude to our hackathon sponsors for 2024: Polyhedra NetworkDora FactoryDEGO FinanceTUSD, and THENA

Support and Opportunities Beyond the Hackathon

The excitement goes beyond just the prizes. After the hackathon, winners will receive support from BNB Chain for up to one month. A specialized team will assist with technical details, helping ensure the successful deployment and launch of your project.

Competition winners will not only receive recognition for their achievements but will also be granted a comprehensive Kickstart program package valued at $50,000. This exclusive package comprises credits from, but not limited to, AWS, Google Cloud, and many other helpful services and tools for development.

Additionally, all winners will have the opportunity for a direct interview with MVB, enhancing their chances of joining this esteemed community.

The Journey Begins With You

Start your transformative journey by choosing the track that resonates with your passion and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer eager to make your mark, the BNB Chain Hackathon welcomes all.

Stay tuned for the opening ceremony, where we will unveil the full scope and details of the hackathon. 

Apply here

If you have any questions, join us on our dedicated Discord hackathon support group.