Binance Chain Testnet Lagrange Upgrade Complete

Binance Chain Testnet Lagrange Upgrade Complete

Dear community,

Binance Chain Testnet has completed its upgrade and the services have been stable since 2021/01/21 5:00 AM (UTC). The full announcement is here

This is a planned hard fork to add the implementation of  BEP82BEP84 and BEP87 in v0.8.1.

  • BEP82 allows increased flexibility of BEP2&BEP8 token management.
  • BEP84 proposes two new permissionless methods mirror & sync that will be imported into TokenManager contract
  • Introducing BEP87 to allow shorter token symbol length

The latest Binance Chain release includes all the critical bug fixes from Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint repositories.

Thanks for your support! Let’s look forward to mainnet upgrade!

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