Announcing BNB Chain Game Jam

Announcing BNB Chain Game Jam

Gaming Challenge Blasts Off!

We’ve seen tons of amazing game development on BNB Chain over the past few years…but are you our next gaming dev superstar?

BNB Chain’s Game Jam starts with an in-person event in London on January 24th, 2023. ​Join us for an exciting evening of networking and immersive gaming experiences. You’ll meet leading developers and learn about the potential of blockchain technology in gaming. Registration opens next week at the link above!

The fun won’t stop in London, though. A week later, we’re opening up a worldwide online competition for game developers. The BNB Chain Game Jam Showdown will run from February 1st to February 28th consisting of 4 development tracks (mobile/PC & web), mentorship from experienced developers, and prizes for top submissions. 🏆

4-Week Developer Showdown ⚔️

Starting January 20th 2023, teams of up to four developers can enter the 4-week challenge using this link. Game Jam is remote, so your work can be done anywhere! Teams have the option of focusing on existing gaming concepts, so there’s no requirement for ‘brand new’ ideas in Game Jams.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to a shared idea, and their work will be evaluated based on how well it’s developed. Over the course of four weeks, BNB Chain will host a series of workshops on game design, art design, and blockchain development.

Submission Requirements 🎮

When Game Jam is complete, teams will upload their finished products for evaluation. Three parts must be included in a project submission in order for it to be judged:

The Game: This can be in the form of a standalone executable, a web-based game, or a mobile app, depending on the platform.

Documentation: This will include a design document or other information about the game’s mechanics, features, and gameplay.

Assets: Artwork, music, sound effects, or other assets that were used in the game.

Judging Criteria 🥇

These five factors will be used to evaluate each team. The criteria will be given equal weight by the judges. Project submissions should include detailed explanations of how the participant met each condition.

1. Gameplay: Degree of fun and playability.

2. Graphics: Visual quality of the game, including style, visual effects, and overall presentation.

3. User experience: Ease of use, control responsiveness, and overall enjoyment.

4. Accessibility: Players of all skill levels or should be able to enjoy the game.

5. BNB Chain integration: Use of Stable Coin and/or have NFTs on BNB Chain and/or live on ZK BNB Chain.