Announcement of Migration of Gnosis Safe

Announcement of Migration of Gnosis Safe

The current community version of Gnosis Safe homepage on Binance Smart Chain is expected to be retired around 2021/09/01 at 1:00 PM (UTC). Gnosis Safe team has launched the mainnet support on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) here. We suggest all users migrate Safes from the community site to the official site. Because of the incompatible proxy implementation,  we suggest users migrate manually by creating a new Safe via a new interface and then move all assets and authorities over.


Migration Guide

Create a new safe

If you have already created a gnosis safe from this page, please follow the official guide to create an new safe here Make sure they have the identical setting.  

Please note that we only support MetaMask to interact with Gnosis Safe. Make sure you have some BNB on the wallet, as the Safe deployment will cost some transaction fees.

Transfer assets

You can initiate a transaction to move all the assets into the new safe.

Transfer authority

You can initiate a transaction to change the ownership/authority to new Safe by interaction with smart contract.

Thanks for your support!

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Thanks for your support!